coal-fired gasification and lime without emission of CO2?

Scientists from the University of Stuttgart are developing, in cooperation with European research and industry partners, an innovative concept for a virtually emission-free power station.

The Institute for Process Engineering and Power Plant Technology (IVD - Institut fur Verfahrenstechnik und Dampfkesselwesen) at the University of Stuttgart, which has a long experience in the energy technology sector, is coordinating the project, which receives a grant of $ 1,9. XNUMX million euros by the European Union. Lignite, which is an inexpensive energy carrier and present in Europe in large quantities, is used in this project.

Instead of simply burning the charcoal, it is carbonated with burnt lime added to water vapor. The lime thus absorbs the CO2 formed and is transformed into limestone. Depending on the amount of lime used, the gas produced contains very little or no carbon, and with an optimal dosage, it is possible to produce only hydrogen.

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This can then be used in power plants with gas or steam turbines to produce electricity without polluting emissions (the combustion of hydrogen only generates water). The limestone produced is itself burnt in a second reactor and reemine as burnt lime in the first reactor to extract the CO2.

On the German side, the project participants are the company IVE Weimer from Sindelfingen (Mr. Weimer is the initiator of the technique), the research center for hydrogen and solar energy in Stuttgart, the company of mining industry Vattenfall Europe Mining as well as the University of Cottbus (Brandenburg). In total, 13 partners from 7 European countries are participating in the project.

Contacts: Dr.-Ing Roland Berger, Institut fur Verfahrenstechnik und Dampfkesselwesen der Universitat Stuttgart, Pfaffenwaldring 23 - 70569 Stuttgart.
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