The global warming, the main fear of French

Global warming is at the forefront of France's fears of terrorism, according to an exclusive CSA / Canal + poll released Tuesday.
According to this poll, carried out on the occasion of the launch on Tuesday of a political anticipation magazine on the encrypted channel, 51% of French people questioned fear above all global warming.
Terrorism is feared by 43% of people questioned on the question of "possible threats", ahead of the future of pensions (28%), epidemics (19%), food insecurity (18%), genetic experiments (17%) and the oil shortage (9%).
The national sample represents more than 1.000 people aged 15 and over, selected according to the quota method (sex, age, profession) after stratification by region and category of agglomeration.
Called "It's already tomorrow", the political magazine of anticipation of Canal +, presented by Ruth Elkrief which starts this Tuesday at 20:55 pm, will have for topic the shortage of oil and in particular the exhaustion of the fields and the soaring of the prices of the barrel. .
According to this survey, 37% of those questioned believe that those in charge of the political world are better able to provide a good response to this problem, against 29% of those in charge of the economic world and 28% of individuals and their associations in particular.
If the oil ran out, 66% of respondents would be willing to take public transport, 36% would be willing to limit the speed of traffic on the roads and 29% less heat their homes.
The Canal + show will be invited by François Hollande, first secretary of the Socialist Party. The following will also be present on the set: Hervé Gaymard, Minister of the Economy, Michel-Edouard Leclerc, co-president of the association of E. Leclerc distribution centers and Nicolas Hulot, president of the Nicolas Hulot Foundation for nature and man.
"2013, the end of petroleum", a disaster scenario-type anticipation film with Gwendoline Hamon and Hippolyte Girardot will precede the debates.

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