Original plan pantone engine

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Here is the basic plan issued by Pantone on the Internet at the end of 1990 years, re-designed by JL Naudin

Keywords: pantone engine plane, modification, small engine

engine plane pantone
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Be careful this is a "basic" plan without any improvement and you will soon find its limits (including the use of a single bubbler and a bubbler for gasoline). This plan is to be tested only on your lawnmower or small engine.

Moreover we do not certify that:
- The length of the rod.
- The presence and necessity of the magnetic component (running north-south)

For a first approach and find the system that plan enough nonetheless.

For more information and advice for improvement, you can read:
- engineer's report on pantone engine
- forums on pantone motor mounts
- Forum Pantone engine explanations


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