Plan for Climate Action, Serge Lepeltier

Here is finally the long-awaited climate plan. Originally scheduled for last fall, it was presented on July 22 by the Minister of Ecology and Sustainable Development. The text of the declaration is available at this address:

What about the directions being taken in this act?
The first observation to be made is that the voluntarism displayed by Mr. Lepeltier is temperate. Indeed, the initiatives that will be taken have been largely corrected and hindered by the Ministry of the Economy and that of Industry.
Nevertheless, the goals attached to it are clear and precise.

However it is regrettable lack of resolution regarding:
- pollution emitted by vehicles already in circulation, with an obligation to maintain and obligatory monitoring linked to sanctions during the technical control;
- road transport, there is a lack of a strong policy of reducing emissions from trucks, and a policy of rejuvenating the fleet, controls / sanctions and taxation;
- renewal of the vehicle fleet and state transport with so-called “clean” vehicles;
- renewable energies, with a development of the guaranteed purchase of electricity produced by individuals.

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On the other hand, it is important to congratulate the measure of extension of the “energy labels” to other products other than household appliances. This will educate the consumer, on energy and financial savings.

We bet that the actions that will result will be effective, that this is not an announcement effect for a green painting of the government.

Emmanuel Neumann
Environmental lawyer engineer

For those who want a more critical and not necessarily constructive point of view:

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