Fuel cells for energy supply

On March 3, 2005, a specialized technical seminar entitled "Fuel cells for energy supply in homes" will be held in Ulm (Baden-Württemberg). This will provide an overview of current projects as well as players in the sector. Researchers from the fields of industry and science will present on this occasion their experiences, their results and their perspectives for the future.


The seminar is aimed not only at manufacturers of heating systems, but also at companies responsible for energy supply technology.


- Frau Manuela Egger, Weiterbildungszentrum Brennstoffzelle Ulm eV,
Helmholtzstrasse 6, 89081 Ulm - tel: +49 731 175 8921, fax: +49 731 175
8910, email:
manuela.egger@wbzu.de - http://www.wbzu.de
sources: http://www.initiative-brennstoffzelle.de, 08 / 02 / 2005


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