The fuel cell NAIT exceeds all expectations

The doors opened on October 14 the first commercial battery has high voltage fuel fully operational. installed
in the Northern Alberta Institute of Technolgy (NAIT) and chiffree has 1.3
million, the fuel cell produces heat and electricity from oxygen and hydrogen, emitting half as much carbon dioxide as traditional energy sources and 99% less particulate pollutants.

With a power of 200kW, the battery opened about 10% of NAIT's energy needs during the preliminary tests, heating the pool and showers at the Activity Center. Originally designed to produce 1 million kWh during the first phase, the battery exceeded all expectations with performances exceeding 1,4 million kWh, or
increased 40% of DESIRED CAPACITY.
A smaller fuel cell should be installed on campus
2005 start for energetics engineering courses. Furthermore, the Fuel Cell
Applied Research Project NAIT Interpretive Centre will allow the public
to observe the operation of fuel cells, to learn the genesis
of this technology and to understand the interest they represent for
the environmental Protection.

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Sources: News Releases NAIT, 14 / 10 / 2004
Editor: Delphine Dupre VANCOUVER,

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