the sonoluminesence

Presentation, study and implementation of the phenomenon of Sonoluminescence 12 pages by F. Moulin. Extract of the document: study of sonoluminescence Introduction Sonoluminescence is the conversion of "sound into light". It occurs when one or more bubbles, trapped inside a liquid by a sinusoidal acoustic field, are forced to oscillate during the phases […]

Thesis on the wet combustion and performance by Rémi Guillet

The wet combustion and its performances 232 pages in .pdf Thesis presented with the aim of obtaining the title of Doctor of the University Henri Poincaré, Nancy 1 in Mechanical Science and Energetics. By Rémi GUILLET. Keywords: wet combustion / combustion / humidity / hygrometry / environment / efficiency / energy / thermal process / nitrogen oxides [...]

Fukushima nuclear disaster, another Chernobyl?

No one can ignore the desperate nuclear situation at the Fukushima 1 Daiichi power plant ... We are well ahead of a desperate situation despite attempts to minimize industrial actors or government but also, and this is less understandable or acceptable, some actors French politics ... On, we are not "viscerally" anti-nuclear: we [...]

Download: energy and power helpful in moving a car, calculations, analysis and equations

Calculations of the energy useful to the displacement of a car by Michel Kieffer - .pdf of 36 pages on the assessment of the energetic needs of a car account of its characteristics (mass, SCx, speed, acceleration ...). Learn more? The author of this document is also the initiator of this very big subject of forums on the car of [...]

Thesis des Mines de Paris: fuel combustion and water

Contribution to the combustion of water emulsions in heavy fuel oil. Thesis of Mines of Paris presented in March 2008 by D. Tarlet to obtain the degree of Doctor of the School of the Mines of Paris Specialization "Energetics". .pdf of 230 pages. Summary Heavy fuel oils, used oils or animal fats constitute [...]

PlasmHyRad combustion assisted Plasma and Hydrogen Radicals

PlasmHyRad project, Hydrogen and Radical assisted combustion. By JM Cornier, University of Orléans, GREMI - CNRS - MINISTRY OF RESEARCH. Plasma ionization project of combustion air and fuel to improve the efficiency and decontamination of internal combustion engines. The tests involve methane, the simplest of [...]

moist air burning: explanations and performances

Steam pump and wet combustion: explanations and performances By Rémi Guillet. The steam pump Having initiated in the early 1970 years research and development work on condensing heat generators (combustion products), in order to limit the atmospheric condensation of the fumes of the new fuel that was, [...]

ideal inclination of the solar panels

Find the ideal tilt of the solar panels according to your region. Keywords: France, solar, thermal, inclination, photovoltaic, formula, self-construction, construction, tips, tricks, yield, optimize… The inclination of your solar panels will depend their thermal production over the year and therefore their financial profitability, it is therefore important not to neglect this aspect. Adjust the position […]

the cryptobiosis

(Hidden life litt.) Cryptobiosis is a state of suspension of biological activity in which the intensity of internal processes drops to a fraction which can be very low, from its usual level. It is a form of resistance which makes the cryptobiotic animal very resistant to cold, heat and time in particular. We can consider it as […]

the tardigrade

The tardigrade, champion of survival! The tardigrade is a small ubiquitous animal not exceeding 2 mm, which represents a branch on its own as its classification poses problems for biologists, it is currently close to the branch of arthropods. Several species are currently known. It is a freshwater species whose various […]

MEG test

January 18, 2006. Climens Aimé: latest development of the “MEG” machine. Keywords: MEG, Bearden, excess, electricity, magnetism, magnet. Introduction Bearden's MEG is an assembly which would “pump” the energy of permanent magnets. There are many experiences but none has, to our knowledge, succeeded in producing sustainably […]

Mobile phones, danger? All guinea pigs?

Mobile phones, Danger? Documentary on the risks of Electromagnetic Waves from mobile telephony, with Jean-Pierre Lentin in particular It is one of the very first documentary on the danger of waves, produced in the early 2000s. Keywords: relay antenna, mobile phone, danger , health, precautionary principle, health study. The major French TV channels […]

Video Download: Mobile Phones, All Guinea Pigs?

Documentary on the risks of electromagnetic waves coming from the mobile telephony, with in particular Jean Pierre Lentin. The major French TV channels did not want this report, the authors have distributed free on the Internet. Waves: mobile phones, all guinea pigs? by econology Download the file (a subscription to the Newsletter may be required): Video: [...]

Hydrogen production

Industrial hydrogen production techniques and means. Key words: hydrogen generation, industry, electrolysis, pyrolysis, reforming, metallic catalysts, costs, conditions, exploitation. Introduction Very fashionable today and considered, perhaps wrongly, as an energy solution for future generations, hydrogen does not however exist natively on Earth. It cannot therefore be […]

The matter of emptiness

The intensity of the laser will make matter emerge from the void by Michel Alberganti Keywords: energy, vacuum, matter, creation, particles, antimatter The biography of the equation E = mc 2 is far from complete. The remarkable illustration given by the documentary fiction broadcast by Arte on Sunday October 16 (A biography of the equation E = mc2, of […]

Fishery resources

The depletion of fish stocks threatens fishing. The overexploitation of fishery resources led the proportion of endangered or exhausted species to drop from around 10% in the 1970s to 24% in 2003. To stop this evolution, it would be necessary to create a global network of protected areas covering 20 to 30% of […]

Jacques Benveniste died

Keywords: Jacques Benveniste, memory of water, molecules, drugs, applications, homeopathy. This article follows the death of Mr Beneveniste in October 2004. We would like to remind our readers the following thing: it takes 1000 experiments to confirm a principle but only one is enough to invalidate it! And let's be wise not to […]

Nuclear fusion

Research in cooperation for a new source of energy: nuclear fusion. Keywords: fusion, nuclear, ITER, energy, future, electricity, hydrogen, plasma Research on nuclear fusion is in great motion: Europe has taken the next step by deciding to build the ITER fusion reactor at Cadarache. In order to support this […]

Petroleum fuels: petrol, diesel, LPG kerosene and their additives

Characteristics of common petroleum fuels: petrol, diesel, kerosene, LPG, CNG, Butane, Propane and the main petroleum additives Keep in mind that no fuel is a pure compound. They are all (with some exceptions) a mixture of miscible compounds with complementary properties. The definitions of the characteristics are on definitions of fuels Petrol (heptane) Chemical formula: C7 H16 (approximate […]

combustion equation

Study of the combustion equation for the complete combustion of a hydrocarbon applied to engine depollution. Learn more: forum on combustion We start from the generic formula of complete combustion of Alcanes: CnH (2n + 2) + (3n + 1) / 2 * (O2 + 3.76N2) -> nCO2 + (n + 1) H2O + (3n + 1 ) /2*3.76N2 1) Volume study of the complete combustion equation: Considering the exhaust gases […]

The Casimir effect

Keywords: casimir effect, quantum mechanics, physics, energy conservation, plate, vacuum energy, zero point energy. Find out more: forum science and technology The Casimir effect manifests itself in the form of a very weak attractive force between two parallel metal plates immersed in a resonant cavity (hermetically closed metal box) in the absence of […]

The Jap's Rods

Jap's Rods Inventor Noazarc Research Foundation, Doctor of Engineering Ben Shuwalts. According to According to "rumors-information" circulating on newsgroups, a Japanese device will be "on sale" or about to be. The information is to be taken with tweezers. Nevertheless, given the quality of information including a booklet in Japanese with photography [...]

Galey on-unit test

Example of an amateur research concerning a SUR-UNITAIRE system Based on the principles of a French patent. By JC V amateur researcher and passionate about various electronic assemblies, former technician, former radio amateur, who will try with the words of the candid to present to you the beginnings of his experimentation. I would like to specify that my assembly can […]