Map and photos of a solar wood house

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Photos, drawings, diagrams and history of a solar house Lorraine Wood by Jean Gireaudot.

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Here is the mounting of the principle plane (to enlarge: Plan a solar circuit and wood).

solar wood plane
You can compare the changes from the original montage with 2 balls 200L buffering for solar heating. Photo of a wooden solar house before transformation


It is a fitting 3 energies: solar, wood and electric supplement.

The solar-timber solution, in our opinion, the best compromise éconologiquement speaking: near fuel (wood), long life (maintenance inexpensive) and low power consumption.

These criteria are the weak points of geothermal and other heat pumps air-water or air-air yet very fashionable, commercially speaking ...

    • There 2 solar circuits completely independent of each other: one for hot water and for heating.

    • 8 the solar panels are distributed this way: 2 6 for ECS and for heating.

    • The ECS circuit has an electric supplement in case of lack of sun, it consists of 2 balls in series as shown in this picture:
      solar electric ball

    • The food is heated floors in bi-energy: solar and / or wood.

    • Wood circuit is connected in parallel solar circuit: we can therefore use either one or the other, or simultaneously 2, since each circuit has its own pump.

    • The buffering of solar energy or wood calories is done in a buffer tank of 1000L studied "homemade". This is a "cubi" isolated in which I put a homemade copper heat exchanger 22mm copper tube hardened here is a photo:
      solar buffer tank
      This is a photograph of the plant in the state, soon I'll optimize it a little while to make it more presentable. Here is what it was like the tank solar.

    • The finish temperature of the floor heating is controlled by a single thermostatic valve (set to 24 ° C)

    • The circulator floor heating is controlled by a room thermostat present in the living room.

    • 2 the check valves allow not to heat the solar collectors with the wood stove and vice versa.

    • We have one electrical addition: an electric towel in the bathroom.

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