Photo of a wooden solar house before transformation

Photos and history of a wooden solar house in Lorraine by Jean Gireaudot.

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The purchase of the house in 2004… all electric!

We bought this house in March 2004.
It is a 100m2 dwelling house in Basse-Rentgen in Lorraine. It dates from 1982, the walls are insulated with 10 cm of polystyrene (which is not too bad) on the other hand, there was not much left as insulation in the attic ...

solar house lorraine

It is an all electric house as there are too many in France unfortunately.

Monthly bill of € 193 with a two-hour meter, ie more than € 2300 heating budget per year… for nuclear power.

So a large budget but above all not at all green for my taste given the view of the Cattenom nuclear power plant a few kilometers from us ...

First energy optimization: the installation of a wood stove

First purchase to lower the bill EdF: a good quality wood stove paid 1500 € in September 2004.

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solar house wood stove

During the winter of 2004-2005, we consumed 10 cubic meters, or around € 400 at the time (since then prices have skyrocketed, as if the lumberjacks were mistaken for oil emirs… anyway…).

First effect on the invoice: decrease of the monthly invoice Edf in January 2005, reduced to 140 € in two-hourly.

Annual gain on wood heating: about 300 €.

First thoughts on the solar circuit

Here is the very first wood solar plan that I had developed.

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solar installation plan

It will be modified later to see the page: solar house plan.

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