The stronger oil as banners: the shortage of fuel card in France

Oil stronger than streamers! The energy grip is closing on the government vis-à-vis the labor reform, an action strikes in nuclear power plants is scheduled for this Thursday.

A strike in nuclear power plants is, to our knowledge, a first in France. Obviously a nuclear power station cannot technically go on strike, so it would be more like a strike of zeal and a shedding of electricity in certain regions or areas? The economic bill for France may be heavy ...

All the more serious as the fuel shortage (quickly denied by the government) continues to increase as shown the map below:

Information will be added in comments regarding the evolution of the situation.

Debate on forums:

A strike at nuclear power plants?

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4 comments on “Oil stronger than banners: map of the fuel shortage in France”

  1. Heard yesterday on France Bleu rather “interesting and disturbing” testimonies of the reaction of certain people compared to this shortage… worthy of a time of war! The word war was also mentioned several times during the testimonies ...

    What I learned from the worst among these testimonials:
    - selfish behavior of panic (a lot of people fill their tank to 100% every day ... even if obviously it is far from empty)
    - denouncing behavior (some people control the volume bought by others!)
    - some food departments are also robbed in certain regions (panic behavior, etc.)

    It is somewhat reminiscent of the barbaric rush of the French for the famous issue of Charly Hebdo after the massacre ...

    A little sad all that ...

  2. Quite pitiful indeed the behavior of some, such as those who do not really need to drive are still full. obviously everyone has a good reason to ride and believes in their right. We are free, well that's another debate… ..
    On the other hand a positive effect, I heard on TV that some had discovered carpooling.
    I noticed more bikes on my commute to work.

  3. Ahhh well, carpooling and more cycling are good things… but will they last after the unlocking? Not sure 🙁

    Besides, the map is in the process of being cleared up, it is unlocking or has the government called on strategic stocks?

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