Organic oil Laigret?

What is the process of Doctor Jean Laigret and what are the main results?

Covering more than 10 times the energy needs of France for transport by recycling our household, agricultural and industrial waste ...

Here is what would allow, if it were developed, the process of Dr. Laigret, consisting in making synthetic petroleum by anaerobic fermentation by bacteria of the "Perfringens" type.

green and renewable oil by Laigret

The main results: the quality of oil and gas from biomass!

The process, unlike the majority of other biomass treatments (anaerobic digestion, BtL ...) gives a high quality liquid fuel, easily transportable, refinable and in many ways similar to “natural” crude oil ... with the difference that its reserves are renewable!

The results are very spectatulaires can be divided into 2 steps:

a) obtaining a "pure" gas

Very pure because it contains, depending on the time of fermentation, up to 80% methane (CH4) or hydrogen (H2) thanks to the bacteriological action of Perfringens on any biomass.

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Unlike conventional biogas (which must be purified before use): these 2 gases are very pure and can be used without treatment or stored for later use. It is undoubtedly an efficient way to create hydrogen from biomass at low ecological cost!

b) obtaining a distillable oil

Later, Dr Laigret succeeded in making very good quality petroleum (40% light distillate) by the action of the same bacillus on fatty acids but also sewage sludge, soap and dead leaves (he did not is not specified what type of leaf it is). Mass yields of up to 70%! That is to say that 10 grams of waste can produce up to 7 grams of oil!

synthetic oil Laigret

Add to this fact, the possibility of directly using micro algae, and the current energy crisis is only becoming the consequence of political and industrial bad will ...

The work of Dr. Laigret, in fact a major and historical discovery, dates from the 1940s but has been ignored for decades ...

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