European petition against parasitic electromagnetic radiation

OPEN LETTER (Call from Pau, France, 5 September 2004)
Alert to parasitic electromagnetic radiation
forwarded to the persons named on the petition accompanying this open letter
so that no one does not ignore

Thirty years of research in biophysics can be summarized as follows:
Electromagnetic fields orient the activity of biological molecules.
The parasitic electromagnetic fields disturb the health.
Biocompatible electromagnetic fields maintain health.

I - The dangers of electromagnetic pollution are scientifically proven
Our planet is invaded by parasitic electromagnetic radiation (PEMR) produced by modern technology: high voltage lines, television, digital satellites (more than 3 have revolved around the earth since 500), computer screens, cell phones (more of 1982 billion users), relay antennas, TGV, radars, video game consoles and electronic toys for babies ...

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