Psychology: the little frog and the environment

A little lesson from nature ... applicable to many areas ... such as econology.

“Imagine a pot filled with cold water, in which a frog swims quietly.

The fire is lit under the pot. The water heats up slowly. She is soon lukewarm. The frog finds it rather pleasant and continues to swim. The temperature begins to rise. The water is hot. It's a little more than the frog appreciates; It tires her a bit, but she doesn't panic either. The water is now really hot. The frog begins to find it unpleasant, but it is also weakened, so it endures and does nothing.

The temperature of the water will thus rise until the moment when the frog will quite simply end up cooking and dying, without ever having extracted itself from the pot.

But plunged into a pot at 50 °, the frog would immediately give a salutary paw and end up outside.

This experience (which I do not recommend) is rich in lessons.

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It shows that when a negative change takes place slowly enough, it escapes consciousness and most of the time arouses no reaction, no opposition, no revolt.

To meditate ! "

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