Herail Fuel Saver Patent

Title of the patent (s):
Device for evaporating and / or homogenizing a mixture of gaseous and / or liquid fluids, for example fuel for an internal combustion engine.

Patent number: FR2613429

Inventor: René Herail

Date of removal: 1er April 1987

Our scientific opinion:

Improve, by a partial vacuum, the gasification and therefore the homogeneity of the fuel mixture from a single-point carburetor or injector (therefore gasoline engine). The object of the present invention is to place a part between the spray system and the intake manifold. This part increases aerodynamic turbulence and the intrinsic depression of the gas mixture.

Much less liquid droplets arrive in the combustion chamber: combustion and therefore pollution control are only favored. But we can wonder about the cooling of engine parts. Indeed, one of the purpose of liquid gasoline injection is to cool the internal parts including the piston. This is no longer achieved by the present invention.

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For more details, we invite the reader to read the author's interview: Interview with René Hérail

The documents :

The FR2613429 patent
Interview with René Hérail

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  1. EVOGAS is a French concept

    EAIC GROUPE - We are responsible for developing the process in France & Africa The devices have been tested with a French Group

    The EVOGAS were put on 7 vehicles for three months 2019/2020 at the CIE (Ivorian Electricity Company "EDF")

    Tested and proven by the Anti Pollution center of the Ministry of Ecology in Cote d'Ivoire named CIAPOL
    Between 15 and 25% fuel savings and a reduction in pollution of more than 60%

    For any request for this certification and the test report

    Looking forward to reading you


    AMBE Hermann

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