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Indeed, it is this air that ADEME has launched its latest campaign: Energy savings. Let us quickly it heats!

Now a little background is needed to understand my point of view about this organization.

The 11 2001 October, I maintained my final project study about the process before Pantone near 30 people (exceptional for a simple project presentation graduation) to ENSAIS. The conclusion of this work (much of which is available on this site) was that many promising aspects require further research, particularly in terms of pollution. Obviously many claims of Mr Pantone had not been confirmed (and are still not) but many aspects require further study.

Research that I was obviously ready to perform for an extension of my curriculum. I remember, for information that ANVAR was a project partner but could not support individual projects: a company, a public institution or an association had to apply for help. Since I was graduated I did not belong to ENSAIS anymore. I was therefore a simple individual ... not eligible for an ANVAR grant.

A week later I contacted the ADEME to ask them the track to follow, I added them the summary (also available on this site) of my project. The only answer I received, 4 months later I specify, was an acknowledgment of receipt, I quote: "We have received your request and forwarded it to the transport department. Did they contact you? "
The answer was obviously no, so I hastened to reply to this email by demmandant them again the way forward to develop this project. I always expect the answer to this email! These events date back to February 2002, all mails were kept for proof of my good faith.

I also attached the copy of a fax proving that ADEME is aware of the research but has done nothing (for me) to help, at least in appearance!

See the fax copy of the ADEME

In conclusion, I would say to you to make your own opinion. I wanted nothing more than to work on this system (and its derivatives) to understand and improve it but it seems that this is not possible in this country. All this in a permanent hypocrisy ...

So where is the freedom of research in our country?


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