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It is indeed with this air that Ademe launched its last campaign: Energy savings. Let's make it quick !

However, a little step back is necessary to better understand my point of view about this organism.

On October 11, 2001, I supported my end of study project about the Pantone process in front of almost 30 people (exceptional for a simple defense of a end of study project) at ENSAIS. The conclusion of this work (a large part of which is available on this site) was that many promising aspects required additional research, particularly in terms of depollution. Obviously many of Mr Pantone's claims could not be confirmed (and still are not) but many aspects required further studies.

Research that I was obviously ready to do during an extension of my course. I remind, for information, that ANVAR was a partner of the project but could not support projects of individuals: a company, a public establishment or an association had to make a request for assistance. But since I was a graduate I no longer "belonged" to the ENSAIS. I was therefore a private individual… who could not be eligible for an ANVAR grant.

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A week later I therefore contacted ADEME to ask them for the path to follow, I joined them with the summary (also available on this site) of my project. The only answer I received, 4 months later I specify, was an acknowledgment of receipt, I quote: “We have received your request and have forwarded it to the transport department. Have they contacted you? "
The answer was obviously no, so I hastened to reply to this email by asking them again the procedure to follow to develop this project. I'm still waiting for the reply to this email! These events are from February 2002, all emails have been kept as proof of my good faith.

I also enclose a copy of a fax proving that ADEME is aware of this research but that she has done absolutely nothing (concerning me) to help them, at least apparently!

See the copy of the Ademe fax

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In conclusion, I would say: it's up to you to make your own opinion. I wanted nothing more than to be able to work on this system (and its derivatives) to understand and improve it, but it seems that this is not possible in this country. All this in a permanent hypocrisy ...

So where is the freedom of research in our country?

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