Paris: speed limitation at 70 km / h on the ring, is it a good idea?

The government decided to limit speed on the Parisian ring road at 70 km / hbut is it really a good idea?

Currently, cars are sized to have minimum consumption (per 100 km) when driving at a speed between 80 to 90 km / h, limiting the speed to 70 km / h is therefore not a wise choice with regard to consumption. energy and therefore urban pollution.

The Strasbourg ring road has been limited in places to 90 or 70 km / h for a few years now. We have not (yet) found any studies showing that this had an impact neither on urban pollution nor on traffic congestion ...

Another Strasbourg project planned to move the whole city to Zone 30, it (fortunately) did not succeed because there is a good chance, for the reason mentioned above, that this would have improved neither traffic nor traffic. urban pollution.

Debate on forum: limitation to 70 km / h on the Parisian device, a good idea?

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