Pantone Mercedes Vito Cdi 220

I mounted a transverse reactor just after the turbo. The dimensions of the reactor are: Internal diameter 22mm, bar diameter 20mm and length around 220mm.

The water is sprayed with a 0.6mm diameter airbrush atomizer. Turbo pressure is used for atomization.

The water consumption is approximately 1 l per 100 km.

To put the reactor in depression, there is a venturi on the air intake, before the turbo. A throttle is placed in the center of the venturi to have aspiration whatever the engine speed.
The throttle is controlled by the exhaust pressure before the turbo via a modified turbo relief valve. It is tared "upside down" with a spring (to make it more flexible).

The exhaust around the reactor painfully reaches 180 ° C, a little more uphill. The reactor is insulated with aluminum fiber.

The whole works well, but there is no real improvement in the consumption. Do you have an idea to make the assembly work?

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Herewith some photos of the "monster"

on my vito currently everything is disassembled 3.5m of hose (too long), I have new hope! I noticed on the renault 25td (quanthomme) that they send on the hose under turbo pressure, they must have been prick upstream of the reactor also under pressure or feed it with a steam pot?

I'm not sleeping! I caught up with my golf cabrio (pantone)

I measured the 200 ° collector on the flat, obviously we all agree, it's not hot enough. Could we have some reactor temperatures on diesels?
I will focus on a reactor mounted on a separate heater. A few months ago I recovered one from the scrapyard, I will take it as a model and for the parts.
I am sending you some pictures to give ideas to everyone. (I ordered for temperature measurements up to 1000 ° a multimeter from Conrad 15 euro).

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The following: fitting a water injection on the Vito 220 CDI

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