green economy

What is the green economy?

The green economy is a discipline aimed at the evolution of production and consumption patterns towards practices whose impact on the environment and the ecosystem is fairly minimal. It calls for an awareness of the interest of preserving the earth and its natural resources. In its simplest meaning, it encourages the reduction of emissions […]

eco-friendly gold jewelry

Ecological gold jewelry

For centuries, gold has been used to make jewelry. However, very often the practices related to the work of this noble material are doubtful. The exploitation of gold mines has a significant impact on the environment and authentic know-how. Fortunately, the jewelry sector is demystifying, ethical creation thus becomes a priority and […]

green economy

The principles of the green economy

The green economy represents all the economic activities generated directly or indirectly through the production of goods and services. It is a synonym of the neologism that is econology. This discipline seeks to eliminate the multiple nuisances against the environment. The green economy is one of the major levers of sustainable development. It is also a factor of equity […]