Opening of the first gas station in bio-ethanol from Switzerland

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WINTERTHOUR - The first Swiss gas station offering bioethanol fuel has opened in Winterthur (ZH). Within a year, the distributor AGROLA intends to inaugurate 14 in the country, including two in French-speaking Switzerland, in Delémont and Châtel St-Denis (FR).

They will offer bio-ethanol E85, a product composed of 85% bio-ethanol and 15% gasoline, said Stefan Feer, the director of AGROLA. WWF and Greenpeace welcome this first, but remind that "all biofuels are not organic".

Former Swiss Mister Renzo Blumenthal was the first to refuel in Winterthur. But the station should not see many customers by September. Indeed, only a model of car can use for the moment this fuel. The first vehicles will be marketed in Switzerland in September.

These cars cost on average 1500 francs more than a comparable traditional model, said a representative of the Scandinavian manufacturer. And we can also fuel them with gasoline.

According to the Alcosuisse Liquor Board, vehicles that run on this fuel release 80% less CO2 than other vehicles. E85 bio-ethanol also offers the advantage of being cheaper than gasoline. In Winterthur, one liter costs 1,39 franc, more than 20% less than unleaded gasoline 95, noted the director of AGROLA.

The environmental organizations have welcomed the opening of the first bio-ethanol service station in Switzerland. But WWF and Greenpeace are taking a critical look at imported biofuels, which the Federal Council plans to zero-rate to encourage consumption and reduce CO2 emissions. The raw materials used in their production are often not grown ecologically.



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