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Organic cotton t-shirt: why choose natural?

Dressing eco-friendly is essential when we realize that the textile industry is one of the most polluting in the world. Between the harmful materials used, transport, toxic residues left in nature and ethical problems (workers' living conditions, etc.), textiles are wreaking havoc.

So many reasons that push us to rethink the way we dress and especially to pay attention to the clothes we buy. The T-shirt, a must have wardrobe staple, is now available in an eco-friendly version. But what is the difference between an organic cotton T-shirt and a classic cotton one? How is it a greener alternative and does it allow you to reduce your carbon footprint? Zoom on the natural organic cotton T-shirt.

An organic cotton t-shirt: what are its advantages?

It is a natural T-shirt that stands out from the rest on different points. First, it is distinguished by the material from which it is made. The organic cotton T-shirt is made with organic cotton jersey, no dye, without synthetic material and chemical free.

Beyond its more ecological material, this basic piece of the wardrobe is also made according to a more responsible process et ethical. Indeed, if you also favor the T-shirt made in France, you will have the possibility of reducing your carbon footprint, thus making the process much less polluting.

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A soft and resistant t-shirt

The organic cotton jersey used to make the natural T-shirt is very soft, which makes it very comfortable to wear. It is also a dense tissue, which makes it very resistant, with a long service life. Moreover, it is a garment designed with great care, making the sewing much more robust.

A t-shirt made in France

The organic cotton t-shirt is most often made in France. Also, the production is more qualitative and respectful of human rights. As the team works in optimal conditions in the workshop, each piece of clothing is made with the greatest care. Each step of the design, patronage, pattern making and tailoring are made by hand, so totally Handcrafted production.

A certified natural t-shirt

To be sure to have an eco-responsible garment, it is advisable to choose an ecological garment such as a GOTS certified organic cotton T-shirt, manufactured under conditions favorable to environmental protection. All stages of the process, from manufacturing to distribution, including processing, packaging, labeling and trade are covered by this certification to have a durable, timeless, ecological and ethical t-shirt. It defines environmental criteria and strict social criteria to give the assurance of obtaining a high quality organic t-shirt for consumers.

You will easily find at a manufacturer a timeless organic cotton t-shirt, with a slightly fitted universal cut, adapting to all body types. Another advantage of ethical fashion is that it offers a large selection of sizes, from XS to XXXL.

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What is organic cotton?

Organic cotton stands out for the fact that it has been produced in accordance with organic farming standards. Cotton is qualified as organic thanks to its production method which strictly prohibits the use of fertilizers and chemicals such as pesticides. In addition, the use of genetically modified cotton seeds is totally prohibited.

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To comply with organic cotton production standards, the production of this raw material is based on natural management of soil fertility. Producers mainly use the techniques of crop rotation, organic manure and water conservation so that production is respectful of the ecosystem.

Insect and disease problems also need to be addressed in an entirely natural way. To do this, the producer will carry out permanent monitoring of the crops.

The organic cotton t-shirt for better consumption

Under the influence of fashion (infused by the big brands) and various influencers, consumers are often pushed to overconsumption and to impulsively buy clothes that will ultimately not be worn more than once or twice. With the attractive prices, we tend to buy a lot more than what we need. Behavior that harms our planet more and more and that makes us spend unnecessary expenses.

Not only are natural t-shirts and organic cotton clothing in general environmentally friendly, but they also encourage a more responsible consumption. They allow us tobuy less and better !

Even if the natural t-shirt will cost more than a classic cotton t-shirt, it will be a nice investment that will lead to more reasoned purchases. Buying a more expensive t-shirt also encourages respect your clothes better and wear it much longer. In short, it is a garment that will be much more valuable to us, and not a top bought for a few euros that we will no longer want to wear after 2 or 3 washes.

Thanks to its high quality, the organic cotton t-shirt is made from a quality fabric that lasts over time. It is a garment that allows create multiple looks and which is timeless. Even after several years, you will love to put it on in any season. He promises to go through the years without losing his outfit!

Why buy an organic cotton t-shirt?

Why should you pay a little more to treat yourself to an organic cotton t-shirt? Let's take a closer look at the various benefits generated by purchasing a natural chemical-free t-shirt.

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A transparent manufacturing process

Transparency in the manufacturing process, source of materials and marketing are part of the values ​​of the French workshops which offer natural t-shirts. For the design of an organic cotton t-shirt, a manufacturer will use:

  • A fabric and thread 100% organic cotton jersey, GOTS certified. The fabric is free of chemicals, dyes, solvents and synthetics,
  • A 100% organic cotton bias, GOTS certified,
  • A 100% organic cotton grosgrain label, GOTS certified.
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A high quality natural t-shirt

Thanks to the optimal quality of the materials used and the craftsmanship, the natural organic cotton t-shirt will have carefully finished finishes. You will have a particularly resistant t-shirt to wear and which is not likely to deteriorate with each wash.

The seams are not likely to "roll" and the t-shirt will not show any change over the washings. And of course, it doesn't contain any toxic ingredients like heavy metals.

A product made with certified fabrics

The fabrics and threads used for the organic cotton t-shirt are certified by labels such as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). It's about a international certification which checks that production, design and distribution meet demanding criteria. The specifications relate to social (working conditions, etc.) and the environment.

The objective of the GOTS label is to define the criteria to verify the organic status of textiles. These requirements range from harvesting raw materials to responsible manufacturing, including labeling, fabric processing, packaging, distribution and trade. It is thus a serious reference which offers credible assurance to buyers.

You are also going to have natural t-shirts that are certified vegan since no fabric of animal origin is used.

A textile guaranteed without chemicals

Even if you can't see it, classic t-shirts are full of toxic products that impact long-term health. Organic cotton is the only alternative that does not use any chemicals or pesticides. A good point for the natural t-shirt which is good both for our health and for the planet.

In addition, a certified organic t-shirt is not dyed with chemical dyes. It is therefore guaranteed free of heavy metals and allergenic products. It is a textile whose production prohibits the use of products harmful to health.

A t-shirt resulting from responsible water management

Buying a natural t-shirt means having the assurance of having a piece that has not harmed the environment in any way. Because of its intensive watering, classic cotton consumes a significant amount of water. In addition, chemicals will spread in the atmosphere and on plants at the same time, because of the watering that is done in the air. The use of toxic products will pollute millions of liters of water. A big blow for biodiversity since the intoxicated water will then flow into rivers.

This is where planting organic cotton makes all the difference. Indeed, the plantations are irrigated by a drip system. Water consumption is also significantly reduced. Studies indicate that water consumption is reduced by 50% at 91%. Organic planting techniques make the soil retain water and organic matter.

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Care advice for organic cotton

Having quality clothes involves proper maintenance to ensure their durability. Indeed, if you respect the maintenance instructions, you will be able to enjoy a t-shirt that will accompany you for several years. Caring for organic cotton clothes is not that different from caring for all your other clothes. However, here are some tips that will help you take optimal care of it.

To wash your natural t-shirt (and all your clothes for that matter), prefer washing with a delicate wash program at 30 °. Also opt for a low spin. An even greener gesture since you will save energy. A gentler wash program will also prevent shrinkage t-shirts. On the other hand, rest assured, because the natural t-shirt is particularly resistant, being able to withstand thousands of washes. Another even more interesting tip is to wash your organic cotton t-shirt by hand.

To get rid of a stain, immediately apply a stain remover such as white vinegar or a mild soap (Marseille soap). Apply the product to the stain and leave for about 15 minutes before rinsing. Then wash the t-shirt at 30 ° C with a light spin. Above all, avoid rubbing to remove the stain so as not to weaken your fabric.

After washing, let air dry or in the dryer. For a white t-shirt, you should favor drying in the sun while for brightly colored t-shirts, lay them out in the shade so as not to fade the colors.

The organic cotton t-shirt can be ironed, but it is a step that can be avoided. In fact, to avoid having to iron, remember to quickly spread your t-shirt and all your clothes after washing.

How to wear your organic cotton t-shirt?

The t-shirt is a timeless garment that suits all styles. Men, women and children love to wear this comfortable top that pairs very easily, whatever the weather. In summer, there's nothing like an organic cotton t-shirt to keep you cool all day. When it's too cool, just slip a small jacket over your natural t-shirt.

To be on top, you can break the casual side from your organic cotton t-shirt with a suit jacket or a blazer jacket. It goes just as well with denim pants, as with shorts or a skirt. An ideal look if you want to adopt a chic-casual look. The blazer contrasts with the t-shirt.

For your walks with family or friends at the weekend, you can wear your natural white t-shirt alone or with a open checkered shirt. You can also wear it with colorful chinos for a nice contrast.

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