Engine oils, additives and super lubricants 3

Oils and additives: a wedding more than delicate! Part 3 (Read the 2 part)

TETIERE TECHNOLOGY. Text & photos: Marc Alias

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Tester and without reproaches.

In exclusivity, I was authorized to consult the multiple analysis reports of the Fuchs England research laboratory and I could only see the overwhelming truth. Countless additives from the USA, most often with names as diverse as they are touting, await their future victims… As a result, all my courageous additive testing projects on my own vehicles were immediately stopped and sent to the Silkolène lab for analysis!

But it was already too late for the gearbox of my BX TZDT then displaying 250 km, under torture of an additive for less than 000 years and only 2 km traveled with: more than fifth by dissolution of the grooves at the hydrochloric acid !! Unheard of in the Citroën workshop at the Brive dealership.

How did we get there?

During the Paris auto show in 2002, I received samples of various additives, varied and violently colored to differentiate them.

This is a common practice with all journalists since their promoters hope for favorable infomercials and above all much cheaper than the advertising pages of the magazines where I write!

Not shrinking from my curiosity or my commitments as an intrepid journalist tester, I added 5% by volume of a well-known additive to my gearbox. Nothing remarkable for 1 year then suddenly the report became very hard to pass. The operation not being at all complex and being a certified teacher in auto maintenance from BAC Automotive Maintenance (STI / GM / B for connoisseurs), I therefore drained my gearbox myself, the oil of which was only 4 years.

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To my surprise, a liquid as fluid as water flowed out! No wonder the reports are so difficult to pass but I will not say the same about this surprising acrid smell, very close to hydrochloric acid ...

In short ! Filling with a 100% synthetic Carrefour oil (therefore Mobil) and here I am again. Not for a long time…

Despite the high quality of the new oil, the damage was already too advanced and back from the 2004 Auto Show in Paris, I found myself freewheeling when passing in 5 th on a departmental without anyone in front, Fortunately. The strong hissing sound issued on this occasion left no doubt about the cause and I continued in 4 the remaining 40 km until the dealer Citroën de Brive who noted, with suspicion then astonishment, the extent of the damage.

Indeed, the BX TZDT which I use for the additive tests, is a very mechanically reliable vehicle, capable of 600 to 000 km with the same powertrain like a lot of other cars of that time! I did it and true to my duty as a technical journalist, I did not hesitate to ask for additional analyzes with John Rowland with whom I was already communicating for a motorcycle oil test in progress for another national bimonthly ...

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Click to enlarge. A recent confidentiality protocol for an Energy Release technical report containing a lot of elements forbids me to publish more than this safety sheet. It mentions 60% chlorinated paraffins (in German) which the sales people no longer deny! As for side effect inhibitors, John Rowland knows them well but their effects are insufficient at the temperatures reached in engine oils and during long periods between oil changes… Too bad for these classic uses!

Couacs additives.

The response from the Silkolène laboratory is clear… Despite the oil change 3 months before final breakage, and without adding additives, there are still traces of these guilty chlorinated paraffins with well-known side effects! The damage that led to my failure could well come from the chemical reaction between the traces of water contained in any oil in service and iron perchloride (Well known in electronics, it violently attacks copper and its alloys!) Synthesized by the heat from the strong contact pressures of the splines with the chlorinated paraffins of the additive.

Of course, at the manufacturer of the additive in question, we deny any responsibility for paying nothing for repairs and above all keeping a good image for his product. In addition, we are sent threats of lawsuits and intimidation to John Rowland and me since I am a very embarrassing victim, a journalist and INSA engineer in mechanical engineering, moreover!

In any case, a good case in sight for the famous lawyer specializing in automotive affairs, you had recognized Eric de Caumont, who remains one of the informed of the possible consequences of this article ...

At the same time, on my bike X3 6 2001 Kawasaki ZX10R then showing less than 000 1 km, I lost almost 10% power after adding Lubycil, this time, claiming an increase in torque and power up to XNUMX% !

Hallucinating! About two wheels, a preparer of Salindres, saw the gearbox of a motorcycle crash net power bench under the horrified eyes of the commercial who had added his miracle additive for demonstration purposes.

Coming back to cars, an experienced mechanic from St Tropez told me that he had dismantled an R8 Gordini engine that was incredibly corroded because it was treated with the X2S additive, another trap easy to buy from Cogolin… Many other engines and gearboxes of gears were victims of all these corrosive class 4 additives) ( see part 2 ) but nobody suspects it since the miraculous additive is out of the question by… definition.

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