Oil prices and energy savings, who are we kidding?

Extract from the mail of the readers of La Libre Belgique in 2004 (Arnaud Broder)

The barrel at $ 30, $ 40 or $ 50! Note that one barrel is equivalent to 159 liters. The liter of crude is therefore paid to the oil producing countries 0,189 cents, 0,252 cents or 0,315 cents respectively.

These amounts are in US dollars. For us who pay them in Euros, we obtain respectively 0,150 €, 0,200 € or 0,252 € for a liter that is sold to us at the pump on average in Europe for € 00.

This means that the taxer and especially the oil companies share at least 300% profit. Is this profit exorbitant?

No, if we consider that each retailer must, in order to survive, resell his merchandise with a margin of 2 or even 3 for restaurateurs.

Yes, if we consider that 82 million [1] barrels are needed every day worldwide!

This means that the States (excluding the United States and certain producing countries) and the oil companies share a "profit" of 82000000 * 159 * 75% = 9 € per day. (for more details, see the detailed article, Crude oil revenues and oil taxation and oil profits)

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oil money

Be near 9.8 Billion € taxes and profits per day [2]

This is normal, but we should stop bathing our ears with nonsense such as: we must consume less, save energy, because at the same energy cost, the more we consume, the more we can live in our "wellfare state". By consuming less, the State will therefore have to cut budgets and, without being mistaken, I do not think that the treatment of our rulers will be the subject of the slightest dark cut.

But what should we think of the oil companies, these multinationals, which, despite generous profits, pay little or no tax! The higher the price of a barrel, the more their profits increase. The power of these companies is such that these few behemoths are guilty every day of abusing a dominant position. [3]

Everyone knows it and everyone is silent!

In any case, as long as the monopoly is reserved for these few oil companies, it seems certain to me that the hydrogen engine or other patent or energy saving process are not ready to be put into production.

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If our leaders and Eurocrats of all stripes had a medium or long term vision of what the future holds for us, it is high time to look for lice to the too rich. Thus, if oil were managed for the benefit of all, the tax on labor income, all social security and therefore unemployment could be nothing more than insignificant.

Should not we dig in this direction?

[1] we were particularly shocked in 1991 about this. During the 6 months of Iraq's oil wells, it had been estimated a loss at 60 Million barrels.
We, especially the media, then cried out for a real ecological disaster… On the other hand, our daily consumption of more than 82 million barrels is accepted by all without a word…

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[2] You will understand then that there is little chance that subsidies will help the development of processes reducing even by 20% the consumption of our vehicles ...

However, this figure is greatly increased because the author does not take into account the cost of the charges of the oil companies). See petroleum taxation and oil profits

oil profits

[3] Yet it is each of us who contribute to strengthening it every day ... We must not forget that the most powerful of lobbies is made by its consumers!

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