Oil, no to the citizen contribution for the oil companies!

The idea of ​​an “overtaxation” (or rather superimposition) of oil companies has germinated in some minds, including some politicians, in view of the profits currently being made by oil companies.

A few days ago, the UFC Que Choisir issued a press release in this regard, of which here are the main points:

The UFC-Que Choisir demanded Wednesday the establishment of a "citizen contribution" for the oil groups after the announcement by Total of a 2007 profit of more than 12 billion euros, in order to compensate for "inflation continues ”in fuel prices for consumers.

The consumer association "offers an incentive mechanism for a citizen contribution from oil companies", which would consist of an increase in their tax to 40%, she said in a press release.

This tax could return to its normal rate of 33% if these groups invest "a defined amount in renewable energies and / or if they contribute to the development of public transport", adds the UFC.

This source of financing "must be considered by the government and the actors of the Grenelle", according to the association which denounces the fact that consumers are "facing a continuous inflation of the fuel bill" while "the oil groups are raking in vertiginous profits ”.

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The aim of this over-taxation is therefore to “in theory” promote the development of renewable energies… at the right time!

As econologists, and despite everything that oil companies do against econology, we are absolutely against such a proposal and here's why:

  • Applying such a measure for oil companies today, is opening the door to over-taxation for all those who would make "too much" profits? Therefore who will be next tomorrow? Solar panel vendors? And how do you set the “limit”?
  • What will this "over-tax" be used for? Surely not in the search for solutions and even less in the pocket of consumers! Let us remember the previous taxes largely diverted from their “so-called” initial role ...
  • To overimpose French oil companies is to limit their development in the future with regard to foreign companies and in the current context, the fight is and will be more and more difficult. Would you prefer to pay for Franco-French or Franco-foreign fuel? As long as using oil, as much as it is 100% French, no?
  • This measure may have a direct impact on the prices paid by the consumer at the pump, then as long as this is not in the form of a direct ecotax on fuel, see next point.
  • But above all here is the main counter argument: of each liter sold theFrench State wins 4 at 5 times what oil companies earnSo why not increase TIPP / TIC by a few percent directly?

Conclusion: if the UFC wants oil companies to engage more in renewable energies and incidentally "earn less", an effective method would be to encourage consumers to use less energy or more renewable energies ...

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