Heat pumps with new possibilities

The vast majority of heaters using a heat pump installed in private homes operate on electricity, therefore their efficiency is always considered in the context of energy losses during the production of electricity. On the other hand, this is different for heat pumps which use, for example, heat from compressed gas burners as transmission energy. In their case, losses due to conversion play a much smaller role.

However, until then they had only been used on a large scale. But that could soon change: heaters using a thermal heat pump and low power are about to be introduced on the market. They represent an attractive alternative for supplying heat to houses with one or two families.
The energy information service BINE presents this new development in its brochure "Heating with a zeolite heater" ("Heizen mit Zeolith-Heizgerat") which is available free of charge at: http://www.bine.info or by phone: + 49 228 923 790

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Sources: Depeche idw, FIZ Karlsruhe press release, 14 / 04 / 2005
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