Alert Book "The Water That We Are" by Pierre Rabhi and Juliette Duquesne

The water that we are, “Alert Notebooks” Collection by Pierre Rabhi and Juliette Duquesne The Alert Notebooks collection is intended to be synthetic books, accessible to all to raise public awareness of key issues. This early November 2018 will release a new Alert Book dedicated to water. I present it to you here because on the one hand […]

Broken prices and low cost. Economic blessing or danger?

Low Cost: aided by considerable technological progress over the past two centuries, economic strategies have been guided by insatiable "capitalist" challenges, always more demanding in terms of profits and always justified by the intervention of the invisible hand (1) "supposed to optimize for the greater number the result of choice responding to […]

The stakes of a new development model

After several centuries when science, the model of economic development and the technological developments which resulted from it have enchanted and made dream the world, at least the Western world, here is that a thousand pitfalls have arisen so that these "progress" have become questionable, subjects with caution, because of their serious impact with irreversible consequences […]

Extension of the authorization of Roundup (Glyphosate) for 5 years in Europe… We say thank you who?

In debate since 2015, Europe has today decided… towards the extension of the authorization of RoundUp despite the health risks for human health and wildlife. Indeed, the Member States agreed on Monday to re-authorize glyphosate for 5 years during an appeal committee after more than two years of intense debates on this herbicide […]

Black Friday: an ode to consumption! A Black Friday… of pollution?

For a week we have been basking or spamming us with the week “black friday”… a day of “supposedly” exceptional business… Even the television news talks about it, which reflects a level of me.r.diatic information (1) very high! Certainly not! It is a disguised pay day that will force people to equip themselves, again, with consumer goods that they do not have […]

ufc energy labels

Energy Label: improve information on energy performance and product durability

Energy label: The UFC has just published a study on the performance and durability of products which are a growing concern for consumers. While the revision of the Energy Label Directive is still underway at European level, UFC - Que Choisir publishes the final results of a qualitative survey (1) which highlights the very […]

marketing, solidarity marketing, humanitarian and charitable presents, a solidarity, humanitarian and charitable marketing initiative by Laurent Berthelot. An Ulule campaign has just been launched. Explanations. Take back control of your data and make it a good deed. Choose: when, what and how to receive the good deals that concern you. For each advertisement viewed, you fund associations for free. " Do you want […]

nano-spike CO2 ethanol

Converting CO2 (+ water + electricity) into ethanol fuel by "nano-spike" catalysis!

Nano-Spike catalysis; discovery of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory made a bit… by chance! The process makes it possible to obtain ethanol from CO2, electricity and water in the presence of a specific nano-catalyst called Nano-Spike. The announced yield on electricity is 60 to 70% which is acceptable on condition that renewable electricity is used (the process […]

Lipo Lithium Battery

Electric transport (Lipo) VS thermal (gasoline): criteria for choosing a battery and comparative calculations

The performance of electric transport depends heavily on the quality of their batteries. It is currently the real Achilles heel which limits the development of electric propulsion, as well in road transport as maritime and… that air of course. We present to you a quick little state of the art of the performance of Lithium-Polymer batteries currently on the […]

Wolvendael Magazine: The Kitchen Garden Lazy, better than permaculture, Didier Helmstetter

The number 621 of Wolvendael Magazine of September 2016 devotes a 2-page article on the technique of the Potager du Laesseux. This article was written by Stève Polus (former editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Le Soir") and it is the very first written press article on the improved permaculture technique initiated and […]

Economy: from a certain prosperity to a gradual austerity

Economy and Society: from a certain prosperity to progressive austerity or from the welfare state to the police state. The political debate is largely confined to the sole domain of the management of the conflicting interests of the various social categories, through political formations supposed to ensure sufficient compromises for the maintenance of the social structure. Most of […]

Le Potager du Sloth: origin, objectives and principles Video

Le Potager du Paresseux, presentation video by Didier Helmstetter (alias Did67): its origin, its objectives and its principles… Caption of the introductory photo: "The owner of the Potager du Laesseux surprised at work… explanation! "The" Potager du Laesseux "is a way of producing vegetables" more than organic ", in abundance, without any labor […]

Forbidden Country Doctors of the World against price gouging of some drugs

Yesterday the Médecins du Monde association broadcast an "incisive" advertising campaign on the Internet about the excessive prices of certain drug treatments. The campaign was in fact refused to be broadcast by “classic” displays by the Professional Advertising Regulatory Authority (ARPP). JCDecaux, MediaTransport and L'Insert therefore refused to post this […]

The vegetable lazy

Le Potager du Paresseux: producing “more than organic” vegetables almost without work!

Le Potager du Laesseux, producing "more than organic" vegetables, almost without work, with yields equivalent to those of a classic garden with chemical treatments: a dream? Not with the "Potager du Laesseux"! DR photos: Didier Helmstetter. Introductory photo “The Sloth of the Vegetable Garden in action, its motto: less active ingredients; more […]