New tariffs for renewable energies in France

France is currently (but probably late) taking steps to encourage the development of renewable energies, as follows:

1) Energy from methanisation of waste will be bought 50% more expensive, ie 14 cents per kWh.

2) Geothermal energy (deep?) Will go from 7,6 cents to 12 cents per kWh, or even 15 cents in case of cogeneration.

3) For photovoltaics, the solar tariff will be doubled to 55 cents per kWh.

4) The kwh of electricity from offshore wind turbines will be bought back for 13 euro cents, which is times the price of land.

Our comments: if we can only welcome such initiatives, it is legitimate to ask the question of the sustainability of such measures in a market where the real cost of electrical energy is much lower (this unlike other country).

These measures depend on the goodwill of the energy buyer (EdF a priori which, let us remember, loses money on each kWh purchased ). It would perhaps be more interesting if the consumer could directly choose to use “green” energy by paying the real price directly (to EdF or another operator)! Other European countries have been doing it for years… Why not France? Undoubtedly another legacy of Franco-French "centralism" ...

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