A new process for generating electricity using biogas

Scientists from the Bornim ATB Institute of Agronomy (Institut fur
Agratechnik Bornim eV) have developed and successfully tested a biogas fuel cell process which is a big step forward for the generation of electricity by biogas. It is the first PEM technology using biogas that is available and affordable.
Under the leadership of Mr. Volkhard Scholz, the ATB project team used
a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) for the
combined heat and electricity production (heat-energy coupling). The fuel cell system has been successfully tested by several
large energy providers with home energy systems that run on natural gas. It can adapt without any problem to cases
requiring different powers.
The results, which confirm that PEM fuel cells are suitable
biogas, are very promising for future applications.

From an energy and ecological policy point of view, the use of biogas in fuel cells offers a very efficient combination of an economically advantageous source of renewable energy and an ecological technology which presents high degrees of efficiency.

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- Dr.-Ing Volkhard Scholz - Institut fur Agrartechnik Bornim eV (ATB),
Abteilung Technik der Aufbereitung, Lagerung and Konservierung, Max Eyth
Allee 100, 14469 Potsdam, fax: + 49 331 5699 849, e-mail:
vscholz@atb-potsdam.de, http://www.atb-potsdam.de
Sources: Depeche IDW, ATB press release, 07/10/2004
Editor: Nicolas Condette, nicolas.condette@diplomatie.gouv.fr

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