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What is the Econologie.com website newsletter? It is a non-regular sending (about 1 to 2 sendings per quarter) of the latest news and information about the site. To be kept informed more quickly and systematically of news on the site, you can also use our RSS feeds. Subscribe to the newsletter For […]

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Econologie.com RSS feeds for the site and the forums Don't miss any news on the Econologie.com site thanks to RSS feeds. Indeed, the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) standard represents a simple way to be informed of the news of a site without having to consult it directly. If you want to know more about the files […]

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Are you new to the Econologie.com site? This page explains the structure of the econologie.com site and the various things that you could find there in order to facilitate your navigation. The site is divided into 3 main parts: this information portal, forums and an eco-friendly boutique a) The information portal […]


Our download pages consist of various files relating to econology, that is to say either energy or pollution or the preservation of the environment (in all their forms). Access to downloads is reserved for members subscribed to the Newsletter How to download a file on Econologie.com? By going to the downloads page or by using […]

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This site was created at the beginning of 2003 for information purposes only. This is still the main role of this site: to inform our visitors. But here are, in more detail, some of the reasons for the existence of this site: - Show that technological solutions exist or have existed but have not been developed for […]

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How to become a member of the Econologie.com site to have access to all of the site's functionalities? There are several types of members on Econologie: each is the subject of an independent registration to give you the choice and preserve your privacy! access to downloads registration on forums registration as a shop customer […]

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On these pages, you will find regular news from Adit (The Agency for the Diffusion of Technological Information) concerning technological innovations that we have deemed environmentally friendly and therefore likely to be of interest to you. These pages therefore constitute a mine of technological watch information. To regularly receive adit newsletters, we advise you to subscribe […]