new poll

The old poll ended after… 1000 votes.

Here are the results :

Poll 19 - We are considering the creation of an “econology” association. Would you adhere to this one? If so, what amount of annual membership fee seems fair to you?

Yes, less than 15 € 38.2% (382 votes)

Yes, between 15 and 50 € 30.5% (305 votes)

Yes, between 50 and 100 € 3.8% (38 votes)

Yes, more than 100 € 5.7% (57 votes)

No, I'm not interested 10.9% (109 votes)

No, I do not want to be stuck! 10.9% (109 votes)

Total votes: 1000 votes.

These results are therefore very promising for the future, as promised the econology association will see the light of day in 2006, but where and with whom it is still a mystery ...

The new poll invites you to tell us what you think of a new version of KyotHome that is in development.

Thank you for your participation.

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