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Moving by renting an electric utility? A responsible and ecological act in the Covid-19 crisis

Many French people rent a truck or van every year to organize their move on their own. Although 2020 was marked by a brutal and significant collapse in activity, it nevertheless confirms that this utility rental meets a pressing need, but also that it has been able to adapt to user expectations, especially with regard to sustainable development and environmental protection with offers ofgreener electric utilities

The move to France, a phenomenon that concerns a large part of the population

Thanks to several studies, carried out in particular on behalf ofINSEE for 2016, we have a better understanding of the moving market, which nevertheless concerns 3 million French people each year. However, it should be emphasized, and we will detail it below, that the year 2020 will remain a unique year in this market as for many other sectors of activity. 10% of households therefore move each year.

There are many reasons for moving, but almost all of them are related to a change in the living environment. In 7 out of 10 cases, it is a personal event, such as a birth, a marriage, the purchase of a home. A small third of moves are therefore linked to professional life, whether this is explained by an evolution, a mutation or a change of profession.

Finally, if there are around 1500 removal companies in France, they only take care of less than one move in 3. Indeed, 70% of removals are organized without calling on professionals. The first need of these candidate movers lies in the choice of a truck adapted to their needs. Either they have a van or a truck (through their company or their acquaintance network), or they turn to the choice of rental of utility vehicles.

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Those who wish to organize their move on their own, want to reconcile two distinct objectives:

  •  Make a success of this move in the best conditions, avoiding damage and incidents,
  •  Pay the cheapest total bill possible.

And in this moving budget, the rental of a utility is always the most important item. The utility rental market has been trusted by international players for years such as the giants Hertz and Avis in particular. However, for several years now, these players have faced competition from newcomers, whether they are alternative offers or even major retailers, offering a rental offer for moving trucks.

Faced with this multiplication of offers, it can be difficult to navigate, especially as future improvised movers do not generally know this sector of activity. It is often difficult to compare a utility rental offer from one lessor with another, as the criteria are numerous: duration of the rental, volume of the vehicle and which vehicle to choose, mileage to be calculated….

It is to meet all these challenges that our comparator utility rental will analyze, according to the criteria entered by each user, all the offers available from all our partners. In a few moments, everyone can therefore opt for a utility rental, which meets all their requirements and needs, but which is also the most attractive from a financial point of view.


car rental comparator
Example of utility rental price comparison results (electric or thermal)

Rent electric vehicles to move, an ecological choice accessible to all

Too often, renting a utility vehicle is viewed as a poor choice that protects the environment. However, a move involves moving around and transporting furniture and boxes to their new home. Because users' expectations and concerns change, the utility rental market has adapted to these developments by offering new innovative formulas.

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Obviously, the first solution for rental companies was to equip yourself with greener and less polluting vehicles. Thus, when a user is looking for a utility rental, he can favor the choice of an electric or hybrid vehicle. The progress made by manufacturers in this area already makes it possible to satisfy all removals that do not involve covering long distances, and in the years to come, these should no longer be a major obstacle for the rental of electric utilities. .

Utility rental with one-way option, a way to reduce your environmental impact

Another avenue followed by vehicle rental companies has been to reduce the environmental impact of utility rental. It was then a question of allowing the user to rent a moving truck in the agency closest to his home and to return it to an agency close to his new residence. This avoids having to make an empty, unnecessary and polluting return trip. The rental option one-way utility therefore stands out as an economic and ecological choice.

In the same vein, new players, such as Driiveme, offer to manage the fleet of trucks of specialized companies. Thus, when certain trucks or vans must be moved from one agency to another, Driiveme then offers a rental at € 1, so that individuals can replace the transfers organized by heavy goods vehicles.

A special year 2020 for the utility rental market

Like all other sectors of activity, the utility rental market was brought to a halt in the spring of 2020 by the crisis linked to the coronavirus. During this particular period, studied user behavior. Unsurprisingly, the demand for utility rentals collapsed as soon as containment was declared. We have thus identified a decline of 81.37% with peaks at -90%.

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On the other hand, during the deconfinement last May, the activity experienced an exceptional peak of + 551.40% . Not only has demand returned to a normal level, but also a level slightly higher than in 2019. We know that the summer concentrates a large part of the removals of the year, and 2020 is no exception. Rule. On the other hand, all those, who could not materialize their project in the spring, postponed it for the summer, explaining this significant increase.

In detail, the 2020 figures confirm trends that are already well anchored in user habits with regard to rental of utility vehicle for moving.

Thus, the following two things were statistically noticed:

  • Priority is given to medium vehicles, between 8 and 12 m3, with 35% of the market. This makes it possible to move all the studios and student apartments but also the F2 up to an area of ​​approximately 25 m2.
  • Utility rental is only made for one day in every other case (46.7%) and mainly last week, either Friday (22%) or Saturday (32%)

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