Moving, how to reduce your ecological bill?

Whether it's a move to the same city or to another region, or even a move to a studio or a detached house, individuals are doing more and more alone. But moving alone does not mean without equipment and the question of the ecological footprint of your move is obvious. In addition to buying boxes, renting a utility - truck, van, van - is indeed essential. To make the right choice, and pollute the least possible, here are three tips to follow to rent the most appropriate utility.

Calculate the Volume of the Move

Even before choosing a rental provider, the volume of the move must be determined. From this will depend the category of your rental vehicle. There are indeed utilities of different sizes, from the 3 m3 van to the 30 m3 van.

If it is advisable to plan a bit wide (2 to 3 m3 extra), you must nevertheless make sure you get as close as possible to the calculated area. Unsurprisingly, the larger the utility, the more it consumes. To avoid unnecessary pollution, it is therefore preferable to choose the smallest possible vehicle.

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To find out what type of utilities you will need, you can use online volume calculators, accessible on the websites of truck rental. Just indicate the furniture you have in each of your rooms.

Another method, you can simply divide by 2 the surface of your accommodation. For example, an 60 m2 apartment will require an 30 m2 van while for a 16 m2 studio a van from 7 to 9 m3 will do the trick.

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Think about Optional Accessories but very Useful

In addition to the vehicle category, you have to think of various accessories that can really make your life easier when loading and unloading the vehicle. Purely mechanical, these accessories do not require electricity or fuel and do not increase the ecological footprint of your move.

Thus, the purchase or rental of a hand truck or a cart often turns out to be complementary if not essential, whether to handle furniture or cardboard.

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If you have to move particularly heavy furniture or in large numbers, also be sure to rent a truck with hatch. This will allow easy handling and no risk of injury.

Compare offers

Finally, the material is not everything. There are other aspects to consider when choosing your utility, including:

  1. Renting a truck in one city and returning it to another: ideal for a long distance move.
  2. The extra kilometer price as part of the mileage included, to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  3. The duration of the rental, per hour, half day or full day, depending on the distance to be covered.
  4. The age of the vehicle: rental utilities are generally recent models which consume and therefore pollute less.
  5. Rent a electric vehicle to minimize the ecological bill.

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