"Pantone engine": a liar on France Inter

Verified site extracts Quanthomme:

“This morning (Thursday April 20, 2006), on France Inter we presented a new invention!… Guess who… by a certain Alberic! The registered process is called Vulcano! And we heard Alberic… himself, in person… tell us that he has perfected this system and that he will soon put everything on the Internet. Are we on the same planet? unless we missed a few episodes. However, I had heard of a certain Pantone… who already put it on the Internet a few years ago, and of the Quanthomme site which relayed information for French-speaking countries… etc… etc… Once moreover our journalists are not doing their job! It is deplorable! " RF

And There you go ! While Mr. Alberic had let us know on March 06, 2006 that he did not want his name to appear on our site (and the XXXXes in the box above show that we had been respectful of his request), this same gentleman who wants to be so discreet now participates in a radio program, after having had his contact details published in articles, including one dated March 3, 2006 (excerpt below)! Find the mistake !

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After all, he's talking about Pantone systems, on TV, radio and in the media, it's pretty positive, but still, a little intellectual honesty wouldn't choke him! For those who have no idea of ​​his "Vulcano", and who have missed articles and / or program, you should know that this idea was given by Michel David in his page 4 20 February 2001 and experimenters have already taken it up, as in realization n ° 44 published on March 6, 2004 ...

Personal conclusion: the problem of energy (as Einstein said) is in the hearts of men and not in technology. But I think scientific truth, fortunately, always wins ...

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