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For better use of natural energy flow Author and inventor Pascal HA PHAM

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3. Answers Elements

At the census machinery, we must recognize that we do not have as many tools or machinery, should be in, for example we do not know well to harness the power of marine energy: waves, waves, or the extremely strong winds, storms, Cape Horn, for example, or even the power of the Saharan ascending or easily the power of periodic volcanic geothermal / jerky, nor drafts vulgar yet omni present.

And if these energies we are not easily accessible it is not fundamentally because of this poor wealth of our catalog of generic machines?

In summary criteria viabilities of current machines are "genetically" very locked / targeted for very specific nature of the fluid, a perimeter of strict operation, and specific implementation to illustrate, we will never power a turbine with water the operate under the strong winds of the roaring forties or position so that it can exploit the Saharan ascendants, or even impossible to bring into production mounted on the deck of a boat (except the tiny course) .

Similarly a water turbine will operate only water in the perimeter very organized a deduction or a weir, the same machine exposed to the swell or waves hardly produce anything except stand still .

A new generation of generic machine must therefore be characterized by angles of use, scope and capacity range to produce far more open and under all aspects available in nature: change possible fluid state (water vapor hot and vice versa) in source producing volcanic geo thermal energy for example.

Change of regime accepted and restart at any point in the cycle (pressure-depression and vice versa) production source marine swell.

An inventory of sources (geographic and by nature), a library of formatting or routing equipment flows and development of the range of machines should be used to support innovation.

4. What new requirements or criteria?

"Fleeting flow, temperamental or violent fickle"

If we had to draw up a specification to organize the operation of a new machine.

a) Versatility:

Versatility of power abilities in terms of the range of supply media available - compressible and incompressible

b) The minimum inertia:

Very low internal inertia to accept abrupt changes of power intensity and also all sudden changes of direction of rotation.

c) The sustainability of the movement:

A perfect cycle rotary operating, ie 100% of the cycle producing smoothness and no dead spots.

d) Consistency:

The low-end torque and a constant torque value returned on the entire cycle.

e) Performance:

Volumetric operation avoiding energy losses and can retrieve and convert the lower energy quantum introduced as flow pressure.

f) The start of autonomy:

An ability to start only at the discretion of the natural diet.

g) reversibility:

A pressure operation as well as depression, only the direction of rotation is affected.

h) Simplicity:

Simplicity of design and manufacturing and hardiness operation which must ensure continuity of performance over time and easy maintenance even in naturally difficult intervention conditions.

i) Modularity:

An ability to be organized / mated system in multi-machine to add the powers.

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