Clean engine: water engine at Vitry City Hall at 13h

Near 15 months after its completion, a national media is interested (well, some say) to the Gillier Pantone water doping conducted by the City Council of Vitry sur Orne.

This report concerns indeed a vehicle of the City Council of Vitry sur Orne doped with the water and was diffused at the 13h of France2 this Wednesday 20 August 2008:

It is interesting to hear the journalists mention the term "Gillier Pantone", since it is the community of who is at the origin of this call, as evidenced by this subject and this news: water doping becomes the Gillier-Pantone engine.

- Newspaper: Vitry water engine dating from May 2007
Video of France3 Lorraine of May 2007
Water engine report at the JT of France2 on forums.

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