Pantone engine at UTC

TX report: Experimentation of the PMC Pantone reactor on a Citroën 2CV type engine.

Produced at the University of Technology of Compiègne by LEFEBVRE Julien and NGUYEN Marc


The news of recent months has shown a strengthening of the needs for alternative energies. Indeed, a barrel of oil is no longer traded below $ 60 on the stock market. In addition, on February 16, 2005, the Kyoto Protocol entered into force.

Within the framework set by this agreement, the European Union is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 8%.

Transport plays a major part in these greenhouse gas emissions. It therefore appears urgent and necessary to make significant progress on the emissions from the exhaust pipes of our vehicles.

It is with this in mind that the Pantone process enters, making it possible to reduce the consumption and polluting emissions of a conventional internal combustion engine.

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This simple process using exhaust heat as well as water is still poorly understood and little reliable documentation is available on it.

We therefore decided to build a Pantone reactor on a 2CV engine in order to test the operation of this device. This work took place within the framework of a UV TX which was entirely carried out at the TN04 workshop. This report describes the project, its implementation and the results obtained.


This UV TX achieved its goal of successfully running the engine with the Pantone reactor. We have seen that this device seems to be an interesting avenue for studying the pollution control of engines using water. Many unknowns persist despite everything and many studies will still be necessary to be able to explain and operate the PMC Pantone reactor.

The six months we spent carrying out this work were an opportunity to mobilize our scientific knowledge and our technical capacities to carry out
a reflection on the possibility of driving more cleanly by consuming less.

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We also plan to continue our work on water depollution processes outside the educational framework, through new projects, carried out in the private or possibly associative framework.

We also think that it would be very interesting to suggest to other UTC students to take up our work to take them further.

Download of the pantone engine study at Compiègne University of Technology

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