Pantone engine in practice

Pantone engine in practice: presentations of engine modifications in “pantone version” or with “Gillier-Pantone” water injection

As its name suggests, you will find in this section practical information on the Pantone process or engine and the injection of water into the engines, for example:

  • Testimonials concerning “pantone” assemblies of vehicles in 100% Pantone or, most of the time, in Gillier Pantone water doping.
  • Synthesis documents related to the Pantone process.
  • Links to forums discussion to speak directly with the authors of the montages
  • TV videos and reports

Further information :

  • Water doping should no longer be called the pantone process but rather “system G” (named after the first farmer who tested it on his tractor) or “ Gillier Pantone". To learn more about Mr Pantone, read this page
  • Most of these testimonials come from forums discussions and will point to this one. Several of the montages presented on the forum are not finalized yet.
  • The performances, facts and observations announced are the sole responsibility of their authors. We have not verified the actual performance of these vehicles.
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Finally, if you made a montage and would like to present it on these pages, Contact us or register on the forums of course…

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