Pantone engine: water doping becomes the Gillier-Pantone system

For various reasons, the main one is the possible confusion with the 100% Pantone system (see thepantone article from S & V), we decided, in agreement with the site Quanthomme, initiator of the doping with the water, to rename the system of doping with water in "system (or motor) Gillier-Pantone" (or system GP) in order to make tribute to the very first farmer who installed the system on his engines.

For the record, I visited and saw the famous 22 end 2001 tractor and therefore met Mr Gillier!

There is no other initiator of the Gillier-Pantone system that Mr Gillier (advised by Mr David, well known Quanthomme site), and this contrary to what some kit sellers claim. Obviously improvements have been made by them over the years to improve the design and integration of water doping.

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