Dead oil and transportation: fuel pump of the future?

Pollution from transport kills nearly 17 French people per year according to a 000 AFSSE study, see the article: the dead of pollution in France.

We therefore propose the following: that a “dead” counter be installed on all fuel pumps. Here is an example made on a vintage Esso pump:

gas pump

In the counting of deaths: we could add the some 6000 deaths resulting from road accidents… but also the innumerable deaths, upstream of the pump, namely the victims of the oil wars.

This proposition is obviously to be taken with "humor" (a black humor, black like soot particles) but a warning sticker (like the one on cigarette packs) could very well be put on all fuel pumps or, better, the fuel filler flaps on every car! It's all a question of political (non) will ...

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