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More and more French people are turning to electric cars

The arrival of 100% electric cars on the French market has not left motorists indifferent. Several studies (OC&C, Statista, CCFA, etc.) have shown that the market share of this type of vehicle has increased from 7,6% to 21,5% from 2019 to 2020. At the start of 2022, if the ccording to the registration figures, 1 new car out of 10 purchased is an electric car. If the French choose the electric car, it is because they see several interests in it beyond the ecological argument.

Have a more economical vehicle

Today, to go electric, motorists have two options. First, it is possible to invest in a hybrid vehicle, that is to say composed of a motor that is both electric and thermal. The battery is powered by the combustion engine and the car runs on electricity for starting, for maneuvers or even for short journeys at low speed. Even if it is not 100% ecological, it still saves 40% fuel for city trips.

La 100% electric car only consumes electricity and it must be recharged on a household socket or on a special terminal. The cost of recharging this type of vehicle is estimated at around 2 euros per 100 km. Compared to the price per liter of petrol or diesel for the same distance, this is very low. At the start of this year, for example, the French are very alarmed by the very sharp increase in the price of fuel. In some stations, the liter of gasoline exceeds 2 euros. A thermal city car that consumes an average of 4 l/100 km will therefore cost 4 times more in terms of energy consumption than an electric car.

Consequently, beyond the satisfaction that one can have in reducing one's impact on the environment, it is also the satisfaction that one feels from the fact of increasing one's remaining life. Admittedly, an electric car costs more, but it quickly pays for itself.

Electric cars at a more affordable price

If the first electric cars were sold at such high prices that a large part of the French population could not consider affording them, today it is very different. First, competition in the market is much greater than before. With the arrival of Chinese brands on the market, many manufacturers have had to lower their prices.

Moreover, with hindsight, we find more and more more used electric cars on the market. On specialized platforms such as autosphere, it is possible to obtain a 100% ecological vehicle at a more attractive price than the price of a new one. The advantage of going through these platforms is to have a vehicle serviced and guaranteed by the network.

Get help buying an electric or hybrid car

Within the framework of the energy transition policy, the State has put in place a number of systems allowing individuals to acquire an ecological vehicle. For example, until June 30, 2022, and provided you meet certain criteria, the purchase of a new 100% electric car for less than 45 euros entitles you to an ecological bonus of up to 000 euros. For the purchase of a used 100% electric vehicle, it will be 1000 euros. It is therefore interesting to take advantage of it insofar as these ceilings are likely to drop from July 2022. This system can be combined with the conversion bonus.

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Find financing more easily

Today, leasing is more and more widespread in France. It is a form of rental agreement with an option to buy at the end. In other words, the lessor must pay a deposit, as he would on a loan. Then, he will have to pay a certain number of monthly payments for a variable period of time depending on the type of contract chosen. At the end, he can repeat the same type of formula to have another vehicle or pay an amount that will allow him to become the owner of the vehicle. The advantage of this formula is to be able to buy a new or used 100% electric car more easily, but also to be able to change cars more often and avoid maintenance faults in the long run. The assistance and maintenance of the vehicle being provided by the lessor.

High performance electric cars

Until now, what held buyers back from electric cars was mainly two things. First, they were criticized for not not be strong enough. However, now, manufacturers offer particularly high-performance models that offer very good driving sensations and even large loading capacities in sight. electric pick-ups arriving on the market. Very pleasant to drive, they feature many innovative technologies that improve travel and driving comfort as well as safety.

The other criticism that we made of electric cars was their lack of autonomy. Now, some models are specially designed for long journeys and can go as far as developing a range of 400-500 km. In addition, thanks to the fast charging sockets, you can easily stop for half an hour and start again with complete peace of mind.

Very aesthetic electric cars

The other drawback of the first electric cars was the style. The designers initially wanted the design of these vehicles to be completely different from that of thermal vehicles. This has given rise to the craziest concept cars. Nevertheless, it was necessary to meet the expectations of motorists and offer more sober lines. Today, electric cars are particularly aesthetic.

Today, consumers are much more concerned about their environmental impact. They seek to adopt less energy-intensive and above all less polluting lifestyles. However, the field of transport is one of those that pollute the most. Although the development of alternative solutions has made it possible to solve certain problems such as the establishment of ecological public transport or the encouragement of carpooling, it is clear that many of us still use our individual means of transport. Today, motivated by rising energy prices and the desire to adopt an eco-responsible attitude, the French are turning to electric cars. Moreover, we see that many motorists foresee the prospect of buying an electric vehicle in the more or less near term and that they are turning to second-hand vehicles on a temporary basis while waiting to be able to invest.

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