Gillier pantone assembly at the Town Hall of Vitry sur Orne, press review

Press review of a Citroën C15 engine with water injection by the City of Vitry-sur-Orne

Introduction and Background

The 31 was organized last May a press conference by the Mayor of Vitry-sur-Orne about water doping via a Pantone reactor.

Indeed, the Mayor, Mr. Luc Corradi (also General Councilor), seeing that “official” solutions to reduce vehicle pollution are either non-existent or overpriced, a decided to equip one of their municipal vehicle with water doping.

This beautiful transformation (the most beautiful of all realized doping) was made by Alexandre Gregoire the Pierre Angulaire association. It is based on a steam generator whose initial idea was developed by Michel (alias Camel1), here is Site.

Christophe Martz, webmaster of, was cordially invited to participate in the preparation and development of this conference in order to discuss the different ways of explaining the process.

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The results are final (for those who block the development of water doping):

- 36% less fuel consumption, from 8,25 to 5,28 L / 100 km
- more than 82% less black smoke (opacity test)

All this for less than 750 € (whereas it is about a prototype)… This figure is to be compared to the costs of the development of the Particulate Filter and the high pressure Diesel injection. Furthermore, there is no evidence that doping with water would not be equally effective on modern engines...

The different feedback from the Press and Media will be presented as and when they are published or published, here's a few.

We would like to congratulate Mr Luc Corradi, Mayor of Vitry-sur-Orne, for his ecological policy and his commitment to water doping, as well as the various people who contributed to the organization of this conference (Aurélie, Alexandre , Jérome ...) hoping that this decision will initiate ideas for other Town Halls and that Vitry-Sur-Orne become for the Pantone what the Municipality of Villeuneuve sur Lot is for pure vegetable oils!

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Again, congratulations to all!

Press review (click to enlarge)

a) Small radio report on LOR'FM

b) Double article published in l'Ami Hebdo of June 10, 2007

Pantone press vitry Ami Hebdo

Pantone press vitry Ami Hebdo

c) Journal Voice of Luxembourg June 5 2007

Press Gillier pantone Voix du Luxembourg

d) Journal Week June 7 2007

Press Vitry pantone week

e) Républicain Lorrain Journal page 1er Region June 2007

Press Gillier pantone Républicain Lorrain Journal

f) Républicain Lorrain Journal local pages 2 2007 June

Press Republican pantone Lorraine

Learn more

- Debate on forums
- New about this pantone assembly at the Town Hall
- Video of FR3 Lorraine presenting the C15 with water injection
- Download the Official Press Release
- Vitry Press Conference on forums

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3 comments on “Gillier Pantone editing at the town hall of Vitry sur Orne, press review”

  1. Hello,

    Many of my colleagues in the aerospace industry think the engine is not working. I try to persuade them that it can work but apart from a well-conducted and well-described objective essay (a scientific publication for example), I don't have much to convince them.
    I'm looking on the forum but does not find: a conclusive comparative laboratory test which simply shows that the pantone system actually works and produces the result that is attributed to it.
    This topic now has almost 20 years of existence on forums and there should theoretically be a plethora of conclusive test reports: lab measurement and not a feeling, if possible in double blind so that the one who measures does not know what the pantone engine is to not be influenced, consumption and pollution on a long duration fixed in advance and at iso power and torque,….

    There is indeed the interesting report by Christophe Martz but which is riddled with bias (well explained in the article which puts the whole report into question.
    The rare reports that I have been able to find conclude with a placebo effect, no effect, or a setting to be refined. When the test at the Town Hall of Vitry sur Ornes, but this is only a testimony of the result and not a lab test measured objectively. It dates from 12 years ago and does not appear to be followed by other attempts or scattered scientific publications.

    Is there a link to an essay somewhere?


    There are a lot of plans and explanations on “why it works” and “how it works” but never on “does it actually work? "

    1. Hello Damien,

      Yes almost 20 years ... oil and particles have flowed under the tunnels since!

      On the water injection I refer you to this BMW patent the only manufacturer to have communicated publicly on water injection, that was already 5 years ago… It's better than 20!

      I am Christophe Martz and I would like you to explain to me the "full of bias" ... I had measured cleaner engine output air (on ppm and HC) than workshop air: Quite remarkable thing, but obviously this has not yet been enough to interest manufacturers ...


  2. Hello,
    the biases that I mention are very well described by the article
    The lack of comparison with “original engine without modification” for example which would be the equivalent of the witness tube at the basis of a serious study. Or the quantity of oxygen in the exhaust gases of the pantone system, which suggests an abnormally lean combustion. But I had already indicated this article in my previous post.
    Concerning BMW's patents: filing a patent does not mean that the detailed technique works (cold fusion for example; monopoly magnets also have a patent in the United States,…). It does not mean either that it is made to be installed on a machine because it can mean a protection strategy of something else. Finally, the systematic filing of patents is encouraged in these industrial groups. The filing of these patents is therefore absolutely not the sign that the manufacturer is interested. On the other hand, the absence of scientific publication above all is clearly a bad sign in terms of scientific basis. So for 20 years.

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