Mitsubishi i-Miev for sale at 33 500 euros for professionals

Mitsubishi Motors on Friday presented 5 June 2009 the definitive version of its first all-electric car. The 1er commercialization phase is only intended for companies and communities. It will start in July 2009.

Mitsubishi i-miev electric

The i-Miev, the first REAL electric car on the market?

This compact car is a true 4 places (unlike the Toyota iQ or Smart) for urban use. Its electric motor is powered by a lithium-ion battery Yuasa, famous brand in the world of batteries.

The latter also works with Honda for accumulators for hybrid vehicles.

"We aim to design technologies that can propel us into a good position on the global market"Mitsubishi Motors boss Osamu Masuko told reporters.

"We must ensure that the Japanese auto industry does not lag behind its foreign rivals over a 10 to 20 year horizon.", He said.

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The i-Miev is able to travel 160 kilometers with a fully charged battery, "Sufficient autonomy for journeys made daily in urban areas"according to Masuko.

This car will first be used by companies, as a maintenance tour vehicle or mail delivery, among other examples. Companies and public bodies see it as a way to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, save some money and pride themselves on being environmentally friendly. This is to be qualified in 2 ways:
- the manufacture and recycling of the i-Miev's batteries produces, according to Mitsubishi, an equivalent of 41 gr CO2 per km which is already high!
- its CO2 emissions will depend essentially on the means by which the electricity that feeds it is produced. Some analyzes on this subject here: electric car and CO2.

Marketed in July at a price of 4,6 million yen (equivalent to 33.500 euros excluding VAT excluding export costs), the i-Miev will be offered to the general public from April 2010 at a price still undetermined.

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But it's a safe bet that it should exceed € 40 including tax… unfortunately!

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