Placing on the market of the rotor H

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From an invention of Messrs. Friedrich Zastrow and Heiko Schier from the Institute of electrical engineering and automation (IAE) of the Superior Technical School (FH) in Bremerhaven, a cooperation was established with the company "BG - engineering & Braun GbR Gorke "Bremerhaven for the development of the Rotor" H ".

The company has innoWi GmbH as it assists the FH Bremerhaven in the patent application and in the elaboration of cooperation with the company BG. The cooperation agreement was provided with a concrete license agreement which provides in addition to the further development of the rotor, a prototyping phase and the introduction on the market. This is already more than ten years researching the rotor H (H-rotor) are conducted at the FH Bremerhaven.

Unlike conventional wind turbines, the rotor blades in H are vertically arranged and connected to a vertical axis, the rotation is therefore independent of the wind direction. The installation appears as an "H", hence the name "H-Rotor".

The new H Rotor Profile was designed for aerodynamic way to get even better use in light winds. Furthermore, an intelligent standby generator to maintain significant power the rotor in critical phases in matters of wind.

The advantages of the H-rotor compared to traditional wind turbines are low construction costs, low maintenance costs, long life and optimum performance at low engine speeds. In addition, the H-rotor is virtually silent and also works underwater. It can be used in small wind turbine installations by
example on boats.

- Dr. Joachim Henke, Forschungs- und der Hochschule Transferstelle
Bremerhaven - tel: + 49 471 4823 141 - email:
- Henning Ritz innoWi GmbH - tel: + 49 421 9600 714 - email:
Sources: Depeche IDW, Press release of the FH Bremerhaven, 11 / 02 / 2005
Editor: Nicolas Condette,


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