mini Chopper

Here it is, I worked this morning on my Pantone realization. I have remedied my error (see first inconclusive test). Once the carburettor dismantled and the reactor mounted in place of it. A little kick of the starter and let's go. Things are going crazy, but it is impossible to know if the miracles of pollution control and reduction of consumption are indeed real. We have to take measurements. For now I observe that with 75% water and 25% gasoline in the tank, hot engine, it runs. On the other hand I do not know if my engine runs partly using water energy or if it runs only with gasoline vapors. Verdict after measure. I am in any case very proud of my achievement and I can now express myself knowingly. For me the realization was essential. This makes it possible to understand the system and subsequently to carry out tests. According to the site Quant'homme and the experiments which multiply I believe that the results must be satisfactory.
Here are the pictures and video on my website click below

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Water injection on Mini Chopper

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