Simple micro-cogeneration with vegetable oil

How a simple cogeneration car engine database recovery -PSA XUD-

Article intended for farmers or individuals wishing to self-produce their energy. Written by a farmer for the Agriculture Renouvelable Energie association

The Agriculture Renewable Energy association (51).

This association aims to bring together information on the production and use of short circuit energy from a farm and more generally from rural areas.

Short Circuit

For millennia, peasants produced food in addition to oats for their horses. Today, they will, with the foresters, manufacture a significant part of renewable energy that is profitable for all. These energies are profitable economically, socially and ecologically. They are clean, local, independent of the ups and downs of this world and make it possible to meet the demand for less intensification of agriculture by taking up the added value of our products in short supply.

Crude vegetable oil (HVB)

From rapeseed and sunflower, we can produce HBV (crude vegetable oil) and fatty meals. There is no need for huge and expensive installations around which myriads of trucks revolve, a small machine of 45 kilos is enough. It is worth 4000 €. However, this small machine has a significant production, 10 to 30 L of oil per year and 000 to 20 kg of meal to replace proteins from the other side of the world.

These cakes (animal feed) provide the proteins necessary to avoid the abuses at the origin of the three food crises, BSE, dioxin, foot-and-mouth disease, with the impact disproportionate in relation to the human consequences. These events reveal that we take very great risks to feed ourselves and that if a real accident does occur, it is not for lack of being warned.

HBV has surprising uses. Indeed all the small diesel engines with indirect injection, a third of the French automobile fleet, can operate, without significant modification, with pure HBV or in mixture. For newer diesel engines, many German garages can arrange modifications. France prohibits this use, Germany authorizes it.

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The oil may also be used as fuel to produce electricity using a generator under 1500 euros, the engine cooling circuit for heating the house.

CHP Peugeot XUD

Schematic diagram of a micro-cogeneration based on a Peugeot XUD engine


All agricultural development paths are being blocked.
We have become producers of raw materials, wheat, coal price is tossed on the world market in the issues in which the protection of nature and we expect very little. Another example, with the pig € 0.5 kg of carcass, it takes a lot in his kennel for a minimum wage.

Only the transformation into a short circuit will allow us to generate a margin of our products allowing us to meet the demand of the people who finance us. We have the means, the tools and the people, but we can only do it with you. Join us !

CHP rapeseed
Productivity of a tonne of oilseeds

The crude vegetable oil is a very promising possibility. Fallows allow us to more tests at lower inputs and economic hardship.
This route enables oilseeds, including those from fallows, to be transformed into oilcakes, fuel, heat and electricity. Go back to your accounts and look at the energy items ie fuel, electricity, gas and ask yourself what you can produce at home. Then look at what your neighbors are consuming and you will be surprised.

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Renewable energy is the most formidable challenge agriculture has faced.

To students

Our planet is suffering from pollution, soil depletion, accidents due to large production units.

Foresters and farmers are able to limit these risks by producing, in a rational manner, a significant share of renewable energy. Let us not forget that the land does not belong to us, we are only the guardians of it for future generations to whom we offer very few strong, generous, mobilizing projects for those who tomorrow will return to their human lives.

Peasants set about it, braving many obstacles that could seem insurmountable.

To those who think that the future is to be built

Many ways of energy production from agriculture are today profitable without external financial assistance.

The confrontation of the peasants, producers of raw materials, with the world markets: "it takes 10 € of wheat to bake a person's bread for 1 year (30 minutes of mobile phone)" has led to the intensification of their activity with the pollution and excess that this has generated.

Short-circuit energy production can meet the population's demand by presenting part of the alternative to nuclear power and reducing CO2 emissions. A piece of the legal path is now open to us with the obtaining this year of the authorization to cultivate oilseeds and cereals on fallow land for heating and energy production.


Rapeseed and sunflower provide clean, traceable and safe sources of protein for animal feed, thus giving the farmer full control over the feeding of his livestock. After the 3 recent food crises, if a real food accident occurs, we will not be able to say that we were not warned.

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In addition, they can be grown on fallow land.
He also has the ability to cover all or part of its electricity, heating and fuel. The fields fuel somehow.

Environment and pollution

Unlike fossil fuels, peasants and woodworkers can produce clean, renewable, local energies, without transport far from the conflicts of this planet. Let us not forget the gigantic number of deaths linked to black gold.

We are given the space between the cities and given us money to grow while preserving it. The production of short-circuit energy can meet this challenge. The tools, resources, men are in place, lacking only you.

When I sow wheat in the fall at the time when the forest fires of all leaves, I know this is the last summer holidays. The ravens in the wind, the clouds running in the sky, the 11 November hairy, we mark the first frost descent towards winter.

All Internet and multimedia will never get my wheat to ripen before July.

These few seeds of life will have to go through the cycles of time to reach maturity. Many men try to shake up these cycles of life to have hegemony on the blue planet while others are asked to defend the rhythms of Mother Nature.


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