Raw materials, hoax or real shortage?

Oil prices are still playing the yoyo. Everything is cause for concern. Either the barrel has dropped too much, or it is the strike at Total's refineries, or the intention that we attribute to OPEC to turn off its taps a little… that we anticipate!
Oil is a sensitive product, for an organized sector and customers who do not plan to do without energy. Half of the world's energy consumption is swallowed up by 15% of the planet's population.

Things will move very quickly. Chinese bulimia concerns not only energy but also all raw materials. (econology note: obviously, the rest of the world, the USA in the lead, is neither bulimic nor dangerously dependent on oil…) And for the past few months, the world has been waking up, watching and worrying. Is the shortage in sight? Sustainable? To encourage speculation?

Faced with fears of running out and the risk of tensions, or even conflicts that this may generate, we are reopening the renewable energies project, the dual objective of which is to maintain energy independence and protect the environment.
RAW MATERIALS, FALSE ALERT OR TRUE PENURIE ?, 1131ème file of Rue des Entrepreneurs, Saturday 21 May 2005, Didier Adès and Dominique Dambert.

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