The madness of men, to see a movie

The men of Madness (Vajont)
Italian, French film (2001). Drama.

The title was enticing and here we are on board for a cinoche afternoon. Well, this film is surely not a masterpiece, it has many flaws. But the story catches our attention because it is true: a dam was being built at the bottom of an Italian alpine valley in the 50s.

The work will be the pride of the country and delivery on time will support the success of Man mastering nature. The inhabitants of the flooded villages do not want to leave their homes? The law is with us and we will clear these arrears! Workers are killed in construction accidents?
It's regrettable, but you know, we have nothing for nothing! The geologist knocks us down with reports saying the mountain is unstable? Well let's name another one that better understands our interests!

A mixture of money, power, trickery and disproportionate confidence in the superiority of man over his environment, that is the folly of men. If the 3000 deaths had been the last of this kind of behavior! Because what is saddest in this film is surely that the lesson did not bear!

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