A citizen's perspective on the economy

from André-Jacques Holbecq

citizen economy

Language: French Publisher:
Yves Michel (23 September 2002)
Collection: Economy
Format: Paperback - 261 pages

Business Digest
José Bové does not have to worry: his succession is assured. In this book, in fact, André-Jacques Holbecq, president of the Association ATTAC of Bouches-du-Rhône, is not afraid of words to criticize the current society. Everything is scrutinized, from politics (democracy would be undermined by supranational institutions) to the economic (the liberalization of financial flows) and the social (miserable working conditions in some countries).
The author argues that these three spheres are closely intertwined, whereas they should not be. Any attempt at objective analysis of the problems is therefore doomed to failure. The dictatorship of profit makes forget the sacrifices that economic success imposes. The choice to make machines the tools that are essential for any job neglects the disaster that such energy consumption represents for the environment. The cancellation of the debt of the developing countries, the fair trade are not sufficient solutions, but rather ways to give us a good conscience.

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