Blocking oil May 2016

Work Act El Khomri: Blocked oil, the weapon of mass economic destruction?

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Labor El Khomri law: to oppose the reform of the labor law, unions now wield the weapon of mass economic destruction (Yep ...) blocking refineries and deposits of petroleum fuels! And it could work to bend a government that, on this one, does in her head!

He will be stronger than oil #NuitDebout? On, we think so!

Indeed; the energy blockage is a strategy that works pretty well to bend governments, as our economy is dependent on oil. Fuel stocks, excluding oil refineries and depots, are indeed very low (a few days)! Proof is that in less blocking 24h, the Stations of many department mainly in the West of services have already taken rationing: 20L for light vehicles under 3.5 Tons and 40L for heavier ...

More or less recent social movements have already refineries lock: it always ended either by a government back either by acts of violence to forcibly unlock the refineries or fuel depots! About the evolution of the current potential shortage, see this Article World.

To recall, a final blocking back in the fall 2010 about pension reform and we initiated at the time the debate: oil, stronger unions? Debate remains quite topical! Today the debate is strictly the same as only reasons for blocking change ...

And also 2010, the government minimized the risk of shortages, Yet very real, at least in some places! Here is what was stated Jean-Louis Schilansky president of the French Union of Petroleum Industries (UFIP) at the time:

It remains "between 7 and 10 days" of fuel stocks available Monday said Jean-Louis Schilansky, the sixth day of the strike in the refineries of Total. The UFIP said last week that inventories were "to 10 20 days' consumption. "Inventories declined slightly more than expected."

Finally and spread on the bottom line, ie employment, here is an interesting and comprehensive debate on the deep and structural changes in the labor market in recent years (and the next, because it is known on econology to anticipate): Labour market: all unemployed tomorrow?

It is for the same basic reasons of evolution of the labor market that the idea of basic income begins to be seriously considered by many governments of the world, but this ... this is another story!


8 comments on "Labor Law El Khomri: blocked oil, the weapon of massive economic destruction?"

  1. But no, there was no risk of shortage dixit government: that is why they have already unlocked the blockades by force ... no comment ^^

    On the bottom, sorry but I insist "The oil is stronger than the streamers" (

  2. This morning the risk of shortages still existed:

    "A total or partial shortage (of certain types of fuel) in some 1.500 stations on 12.000 of the country, according to Alain Vidalies.

    On the 2.200 service stations operated by Total in France, 390 was partially or completely broken on Sunday, including 76 in Ile-de-France, 73 in Nord-Pas-de-Calais, 60 in Brittany and as much in Normandy, specified the French group. "

  3. A first, I believe, in the history of French civil nuclear: "After the refineries, will nuclear power plants be blocked in turn? This is in any case the threat agitated by the CGT-Energie. The powerful federation of the sector decided, Tuesday 24 May, to launch a call to the staff of EDF to complicate the electricity production Thursday, day of action union in the whole country. The aim is to put pressure on the government to withdraw the reform of the labor code. "

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