economic or ecological sense?

Alternative energies are brought up to date to alleviate the legitimate questions of the inhabitants.
This is to relieve the potential non-confidence they may have in their government.

Behind the words, however, nothing happens.

It is easy to realize this when we start by wondering about simple questions, like the reasons which pushed the use of electricity to use 50-55Hz. Indeed in this specific case a much higher frequency would have resulted in the manufacture of suitable equipment, so for the same energy delivered, barely 24 volts would have been enough. But this did not coincide with "economic interests". We understand better now what it means. (Ecology note: the higher the voltage, the less line losses. What is the point of using 24 V to transport current?)

In fact, to do nothing, not to think, and to make unnecessary all the innovative remarks, because they are crushed like waves on what already exists. Finally, icing on the poisoned cake, we tell you that if a better solution existed, we would have already used it, if only for (pseudo) economic reasons.

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Thanks to the internet, the news quickly spreads that it has been a long time since intelligent energies and ideas exist, but are compressed as much as possible in a climate of incredulity coupled with free insult for their authors qualified as enlightened . It's very funny isn't it? In most civilizations being enlightened was a highly respected quality.
This brings us back to hydrogen vehicles, the appearance of which is modulated as long as possible in order to allow industry to constitute the monopolies and the securities which allow their survival.

Everything is connected. The global economy is based on energy, and if energy became a free and inexhaustible commodity, no industry could compete with the drug industries, whose market is equivalent.

With these illegal markets, the powers are kept in place by perpetuating the stupidity of the populations, and by ensuring them the financial enrichments which seem to make their happiness.

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In Eastern Europe we are already considering understanding that the multiplicity of techniques is complementary and not competitive, such as modern windmills, solar or geothermal energy, and also that which no one had thought of before, the energy of the tides.

But once again, I doubt that these disfigurements of the landscapes, even if they do not manage to fight against the desire to create new nuclear power plants which are criminal, are still a way of beating around the bush, a restricted number of nobody really knows the content, it is obviously this free and endless energy discovered by Tesla at the beginning of the century.

The mere fact that it has disappeared for the last 20 years of its life, that no one has taken care to take an interest in the rest of its work and that nothing new has been invented since the nuclear bomb there at 50, has something to raise serious doubts about the credibility of the silence that is perpetuating and entangling us.

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