Housing: why and how to make a plumbing diagnosis?

Knowing the general condition of a property is always important in order not to regret an investment. Plumbing or heating work is the most common, according to a study. They intervene on average each year and represent around 40% of the budget devoted to incidents, or nearly 100 euros per year. It is therefore imperative to investigate the condition of the plumbing before purchasing real estate.

Why make a diagnosis of plumbing

Just like the energy diagnosis or electric, the diagnosis therefore makes it possible to identify the malfunctions of the home's plumbing. The goal here is to have a precise idea of ​​the general installation and to plan if possible the communication useful for the long-term good working order of the installation and possibly the replacement of faulty pipes or equipment. It must be said that some installations (washbasin, shower or bath taps) are obsolete and consume a lot of energy. Their replacement will lead to significant energy savings. The control points will be mainly, the location of the meter, the water inlets, the shut-off valves, the route of the connection pipes and the verification of their condition, the condition of the plumbing equipment and their tightness, the water flow control and verification of water evacuations.

Who is responsible for the plumbing diagnosis

A simple plumbing diagnosis, you can certainly do it yourself. If you want to avoid unpleasant surprises, try to look past the fresh paint that can be used during the sale to "hide the misery". It is therefore imperative to check the condition of the frame (whether the plumbing goes into the lost attic or not), walls, ceilings and floors by hunting down any trace of moisture. However, to avoid any unpleasant surprises, call on a professional craftsman would make more sense. A professional plumber is a craftsman capable of advising clients on matters related to plumbing. He can carry out very precise studies of all your installations. He will be able to analyze the different installations and will also give you good advice on the maintenance of your installations. In addition, he has the tools, equipment and techniques necessary for a most effective and efficient intervention. So, whatever the complexity of the work to be done, he will quickly find a solution ... more or less expensive, enough to negotiate the price of your purchase?

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Moreover, with finding a professional plumber you can also avail of the benefits that the state offers you by seeking the services of a specialist. Obviously, the renovation of sanitary equipment is included in the list of subsidy rights. It is important to choose a certified professional such as the Laroche plumber to benefit from high-level services. You can request a quote on The site also offers craftsmen such as L'Electricien Laroche and Serrurier Laroche.


What does the real estate diagnosis plumbing?

The plumbing diagnosis will focus on 5 points namely: the water heater, water leaks, gutters and traces of water damage, external pipes and the condition of the tiling.

The first plumbing diagnosis to be made is that of the water heater. To make an inventory here, just ask the sellers for the purchase invoices. Then find out about its maintenance. Be aware that a well-maintained water heater will have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. If you have to replace it, it will cost you (installation included) on average 1200 EUR for a “cumulus” water heater; the maximum price may however reach several thousand euros depending on the size of the water heater.

  • Water leak diagnostics
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The presence of signs of water leaks is also an important point in the plumbing diagnosis. Check therefore that the taps, toilets and pipes are free from defects and leaks. You can detect a possible leak by checking the water meter display. At the start of the visit, read the water meter in the house and compare it with the value that will be displayed after about an hour. If the two values ​​are the same, while you have not used the toilets or the taps, there is no water leakage. On the other hand, in the event of a difference, there is probably a leak. Know that an unclogged leak problem could cost you several hundred euros in excess water consumption per year. In the event of a leak, react quickly and call a plumber.

  • The condition of the gutters and signs of water damage

A visual inspection of ceilings and gutters is enough to detect any defects. Look especially for traces of mold or the presence of traces ofwater infiltration on the ceilings. Don't forget to examine the gutters and their forms. Do not hesitate to seek professional help in case of doubt.

  • The condition of the tiles

The plumbing diagnosis also includes a careful check of the tiles. Tiles that sound hollow can hide a problem with sealing the tile joints. To be fixed, gently knock on the tiles with any tool. If most tiles sound hollow, you probably have a leak that is seeping, molding for you or your neighbors. To fix joint leaks, you will almost always need to call a professional. The replacement of all or part of the tiles may be inevitable,

  • External pipes
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External pipes are included in your home if they are located after your water meter. Pipeline leak tests are operations that should not be neglected. Indeed, in the event of a leak, the rise in odors can be unpleasant in the case of pipes intended for the delivery of sewage, coming from our toilets. Also, when a pipe is blocked, its contents will be discharged through the first available opening. It can also implode under pressure and crack or break causing even more damage. If the buried pipes are made of terracotta as is the case in the majority of old houses, their replacement should be considered.

Let us therefore remember that, although the plumbing diagnosis is not included in the mandatory real estate diagnoses, it is nonetheless important. A poor condition of the plumbing can directly impact the installation of non-collective sanitation, the consumption of domestic hot water, heating and therefore the diagnosis of energy performance. It is therefore recommended to check your plumbing with the help of a professional in order to remove any doubt.

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